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January, 2016
Seanan McGuire--”The Ghosts Of Bourbon Street” [reread]
Seanan McGuire--”Snake In The Glass”
Georgette Heyer--The Toll Gate [reread]
Lea Wait--Shadows At The Fair
Catherine McLean--”The Garden Door”
Tamora Pierce--Melting Stones [reread--Mark Reads]
Terry Pratchett--Men At Arms [reread--Mark Reads]
Lea Wait--Shadows On The Coast Of Maine
Sharon Lee--”The Wolf’s Bride”
Catherine McLean--”The Girl, The Gold, & The Goblins”
Eva Gates--By Book Or By Crook
Melissa Marr--”The Maiden Thief”

February, 2016
Krista Davis--Murder, She Barked
Nora Roberts--Risky Business
Aaron Allston--”Demonized”
Tel--”The Short Victorious Vor” [Miles/Honor Harrington fic]
Garth Nix--Newt’s Emerald
Catherine McLean--”Clemenceau In The Underworld”
Catherine McLean--”Saint Denis And The Basil”
Barbara Ross--Clammed Up
Lois McMaster Bujold--Gentleman Jole And The Red Queen
Elliott James--Charming
Catherine McLean--”Sempre Camellia”
Seanan McGuire--”Swamp Bromeliad”
Sharon Lee--”Will-o’-The-Wisp”
Catherine McLean--”Collaborations [Pasteur]”
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. The Consequences Of Her Actions”
Lois McMaster Bujold--Gentleman Jole And The Red Queen [reread]

This year started a trend that has continued: I'm reading lots of short fiction. There's some fan fiction and lots of original fiction, mostly friends or from Novels tend to be mostly mystery or science fiction/fantasy. That much author awesome augurs auspiciously. [weg]


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