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There's a huge sale on Georgette Heyer novels over on and amazon. Lots & lots of screens of e-books for 2.99 each.

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Ursula Vernon, who just won the Best Novelette Hugo, stopped in Iceland en route to WorldCon. She was with her husband Kevin, his cousin, Amy, & their friend Tina. They storified the trip, here:

There're lots of gorgeous photos & great snark.
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Here's some of the magnificent music I was enjoying last weekend, Cheshire Moon rocking the house. My feet are on the lower right [we'd cleared the front of the room for the video].

Part 1:

Part 2:
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You know that Robert Burns poem, about wishing "to see ourselves as others see us" and those physics stories about seeing the back of one's own head? Yeah, that. Check out the front row:

*Dang*, the back of my head looks good! Especially when you consider I cut my hair in front of a mirror with no hand mirror [so I'm doing the back by feel]. I really should've been on the second row with my feet up, though. If my feet had swollen less, I might've been able to make it to some filking at night. As it was, I taped 14 concerts from that seat. I should've filed a homestead exemption. ;)
filkferengi: filk fandom--all our life's a circle (Default) here:

The interview starts at about 1 minute in, and runs about 30 minutes.

This was recorded on Day 4 of ConVergence, earlier this month. (Which seems longer ago than that, already.)

Ta, L.

posted by Lois McMaster Bujold on July, 24
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Lois McMaster Bujold says, here:

I am pleased to report that I have finished the first draft of a new Penric & Desdemona novella. (For that peculiar value of "finished" that means, "still dinking till it's pulled from the writer's twitchy hands.")

Title will be "Penric's Fox"

Length, at this moment, is around 37,400 words. It is more-or-less a sequel to "Penric and the Shaman", taking place about eight or nine months after that story.

Final editing and formatting, arranging for cover art to send it out into the world nicely dressed, etc., will take some unknown amount of time and eyeball-endurance, but e-pub will likely happen in August.

My computer file tells me I started typing the opening on March 3rd, but of course there was lead-up to that. It is, in general, hard to tell or remember when a project segues over from "notion" to "planning", although the notion had been with me for some time. Story notions are like a collection of vaguely related objects rattling around in a box; planning starts when some key object that connects them all drops in, and things suddenly get interesting.

Ta, L.
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Just a couple of these things, & it pays for itself. For example, the Fiction River anthology alone [nearly 800 pages!] is 8.00 on Kindle. The Uncollected Anthology Year One [490 pages] is only available as a $24 paperback. Afaik, this is the only e-book edition. The Grayson trilogy is excellent, romance-with-woo-woo fun; the Rusch Diving series has great buzz. The Faerie Summer is a 20-book e-book set.

Throw in the others, & that's a lot at an excellent deal. Squee!

filkferengi, off to buy it now
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It's been a rather busy month so far. It started with lots of extra book sales [yay!], which go a ways to making up for the sales I'll have to miss later in the year, due to being out of town at cons. Then, I got together with friends three consecutive days, which of course meant lots of conversation. Especially with my bridesmaid. I have worlds of respect for the tenacity & perseverance & the ways she's coped with boatloads of Stuff, but sometimes, talking to her isn't like pulling teeth, it's like pushing Sisyphus' rock up a black hole. So, when my throat was sore for several days, I figured I'd overstrained my voice. Then, a couple of days in, the nose started. Maybe a summer cold?

The thing is, that's the third respiratory event this year, & I'm normally offensively healthy, except coming home from Seattle every other year with a bronchial death-plague. If I go next year--& that's a big if--I'm definitely not plate-sharing with throngs, especially when at least one of them comes down deathly ill the last night of the con. I like those folks & would like to hang out with them again, but I'm having my own plate this time.

Plague the first lingered several weeks longer than usual. I asked the doc if the diabetes had compromised my immune system, but she opined it was an unusually severe flu season. The middle of May, I had event the second. 2-3 days of sore throat, followed by a couple days of an erupting Mount Nose. Then it goes to the lungs, & I bark a lot. That one tied me up for about a week, & I'm afraid this one will do the same, if not worse.

So far, I've had 4 days of very sore throat, the last two with nasal excitement & massive congestion, but my temperature always stayed normal. This morning, it was suddenly 101.1. Because one of the arthritis meds acts like ibuprofen, I can't take that any more, & acetaminophen just isn't as effective. Within the first couple of hours this morning, it came down to around 100, but now it's back up to 100.5.

One of the sales I like has book-sorting every month. It's a Tuesday from 5-7, the worst time ever, so I usually only make it few times a year, if that. I'd been hoping to go tomorrow [hitting the Cici's en route--dessert pizzas, ftw!], but there's no way I can go & be contagious at people. Afternoon is also the only ze spouse has open for a walk, anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot ze spouse had already bought a watermelon & bought a second one. I was worried we wouldn't get it finished in time for ConAlope. Guess I don't have to worry about that now. It's right handy. I'm not hurting too much, & goodness knows, could use the time to clear the dvr, get caught up online, etc., before the con. Those dessert pizzas would've been nice, though.
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Seanan McGuire--”Carry On”
Seanan McGuire, Amber Benson, Sarah Kuhn--”Magical Girls”
Bryan Cranston--A Life In Parts
Seanan McGuire--”Lady Antheia’s Guide To Horticultural Warfare”
John Lithgow--Marsupial Sue
John Lithgow--Marsupial Sue Presents The Runaway Pancake
Kathleen N. Daly--The Big Book Of Backyard Birds
Maurice Sendak--Outside Over There
Adventures Of Superman--4 Adventures
Cari Best--Sally Jean, The Bicycle Queen
Susan Wojciechowski--The Christmas Miracle Of Jonathan Toomey
Deborah Kogan Ray--Lily’s Garden
Yoshiko Uchida--The Two Foolish Cats
Diane Wolkstein--The Magic Wings
Diane Kelly--Death, Taxes, & Extra-Hold Hairspray
Maurice Sendak--We Are All In The Dumps With Jack And Guy
Leon Garfield--Fair’s Fair
Michael Bedard--The Lightning Bolt
Simon James--The Birdwatchers
Nonny Hogrogian--The Cat Who Loved To Sing
Dean Morrissey--Ship Of Dreams
Seanan McGuire--”Persephone”
Kameron Hurley--”Our Faces, Radiant Sisters, Our Faces Full Of Light!”
Alyssa Wong--”God Product”
Charlie Jane Anders--“Margot And Rosalind”
Maria Dahvana Headley--”Astronaut”
Nisi Shawl--”More Than Nothing”
Brooke Bolander--”The Last Of The Minotaur Wives”
Amal El-Mohtar--“Anabasis”
Catherynne M. Valente--”The Ordinary Woman And The Unquiet Emperor”
Jo Walton--”The Jump Rope Rhyme”
Carrie Vaughn--”Alchemy”
James Daugherty--Andy And The Lion
Judy Corbalis--Porcellus, The Flying Pig
William Allingham & Michael Hague--The Fairies
Kathleen & Michael Hague--East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon
Margaret Mahy--17 Kings And 42 Elephants
William Mayne--A House In Town
Joanna & Paul Galdone--The Tailypo
Jane Yolen--The Little Spotted Fish
Jane Yolen--The Girl Who Loved The Wind
Jane Yolen--The Bird Of Time
Jane Yolen--The Seeing Stick
Jane Yolen--Piggins
Jane Yolen--Picnic With Piggins
Theodora Goss--”Come See The Living Dryad”
Anne Rockwell--Our Yard Is Full Of Birds
M. C. A. Hogarth--”Snow Maiden” [reread]
Catherynne M. Valente--”Fade To White”
Wen Spencer--”Peace Offering” [reread]
Wen Spencer--”The Price Of Peace” [reread]
M. C. A. Hogarth--Mindtouch [reread]
M. C. A. Hogarth--Mindline [reread]
M. C. A. Hogarth--”Gwydion”
M. C. A. Hogarth--Claws And Starships
Wen Spencer--Tinker [reread]
Wen Spencer--Wolf Who Rules [reread]
Wen Spencer--Elfhome
Wen Spencer--Wood Sprites
Wen Spencer--Project Elfhome
Thomas Noel Turner--Hillbilly Night Afore Christmas
Matthew Kessel--”The Last Novelist”
Terry Pratchett--Carpe Jugulum [Mark Reads reread]
Zanda Myrande--”Conversation Piece”
Charlotte Zolotow--My Friend John
Charlotte Zolotow--Mr. Rabbit And The Lovely Present
Charlotte Zolotow--Someday
Charlotte Zolotow--When The Wind Stops
Ted Hughes--Nessie The Monster
Jay Williams--The Silver Whistle [reread]
Jay Williams--Forgetful Fred
Jay Williams--Seven At One Blow
Jay Williams--The Youngest Captain
Amanda Cooper--Tempest In A Teapot
Edward Ardizzone--Tim’s Friend Towser
Edward Ardizzone--Tim’s Last Voyage
Sonia Levitin--All The Cats In The World
Marilyn Hirsh--George And The Goblins
Ursula K. LeGuin--Fire And Stone
John Scalzi--”After The Coup”
Julianna Baggott--”Ecdysis”
The Opie Rhyme Book--Tail Feathers From Mother Goose
Martin Waddell & Sarah Fox-Davies--Snow Bears
Nicola Davies & Sarah Fox-Davies--Bat Loves The Night
Janni Howker & Sarah Fox-Davies--Walk With A Wolf
Angela McAllister & Sarah Fox-Davies--Little Mist
Amy MacDonald & Sarah Fox-Davies--Little Beaver & The Echo
Tomie de Paola--The Prince Of The Dolomites
Dean Morrissey--The Christmas Ship
Dean Morrissey--The Wizard Mouse
Dean Morrissey--The Monster Trap
Dean Morrissey--The Great Kettles: A Tale Of Time
Dean Morrissey--The Crimson Comet
Amanda Cooper--Shadow Of A Spout

This was when I got very serious about clearing out the many boxes of kid books. Who knew so many sf authors had written kid books?
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I have the following songbooks from The Music Class that go with cds of children's songs. Does anyone know anyone in the U. S. who'd like them? I'd be glad to ship them.

The Bear Collection--paperback
The Bunny Collection--paperback
The Dinosaur Collection--paperback
The Tiger Collection--paperback
The Pony Collection--paperback
The Elephant Collection--paperback
The Lion Collection--paperback


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Now available on bandcamp, here are right at 2 full hours of music [2 concerts and lots of extra, new songs] for only $10. Best of all, you can listen to the whole thing for free & see for yourself.

note: anyone joining Mary's patreon [link at bandcamp, below] during June gets the whole download for free.
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February, 2017

Jim Arnosky--Crinkleroot’s Guide To Knowing The Birds
Barnaby Harward--The Best Book Of Pirates
Terry Pratchett--The Last Continent [Mark Reads reread]
Jo Walton--”Relentlessly Mundane”
Seanan McGuire--”Her Heart Never Came Down Again”
Seanan McGuire--”The Way Home” [reread]
Seanan McGuire--”The Lay Of The Land”
Wen Spencer--”Monsters In Our Midst” [Elfhome novella]
Audrey Penn--The Kissing Hand
Mary Pope Osborne--Favorite Norse Myths
Beatrice Schenk de Regniers--The Snow Party
Jane Yolen--Welcome To The River Of Grass
Robert Hull--Egyptian Stories
Nancy Willard--A Visit To William Blake’s Inn
K. M. Cook-Horujy--Zhirenshe The Bard And Fair Karashash
Catherine McLean--”The Little Fox”
Diane Kelly--Death, Taxes, And A French Manicure
Patricia Polacco--The Keeping Quilt
Carmen Agra Deedy--The Secret Of Old Zeb
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. Temptation”
Niki Walker--Colonial Women
Peter Spier--We The People: The Constitution Of The United States Of America
Judith Viorst--The Alphabet From Z To A
Robert J. Blake--Carousel Cat
Dick King-Smith--Hogsel And Gruntel
Audrey Wood & Robert Florczak--Birdsong
Barbara Shook Hazen--Mommy’s Office
Vaunda Micheaux Nelson--Always Gramma
Tricia Gardella--Just Like My Dad
Aileen Fisher--In One Door And Out The Other
Diane Kelly--Death, Taxes, And A Skinny, No-Whip Latte
Lloyd Alexander--Dream-Of-Jade: The Emperor’s Cat
Carrie Vaughn--”Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan”
Diane Duane--”Shopping”
Diane Kelly--Paw And Order
Ursula Vernon--”An Evening With Sings-To-Trees”
Jonah Winter--Frida
George Mendoza--Norman Rockwell’s Americana ABC
Ruth Craft--Brueghel’s “The Fair”
Bud Davidge--The Mummer’s Song
Philippa-Alys Browne--African Animals ABC
Muriel Feelings--Moja Means One
Marilyn Helmer--Fog Cat
Mercer Mayer--There’s A Nightmare In My Closet
Joanne Ryder--A Fawn In The Grass
Catherine McLean--”Home To Roost”
Ursula Vernon--”Elf Vs. Orc”
Eve Bunting--So Far From The Sea
Eve Bunting--Going Home
Audrey Wood--King Bidgood’s In The Bathtub
Troon Harrison--Aaron’s Awful Allergies
David McKee--Prince Peter And The Teddy Bear
Margaret Wise Brown--The Noisy Indoor Book
Tomie dePaola--Tomie dePaola’s Mother Goose
Berniece T. Hiser--The Adventure Of Charlie And His Wheat-Straw Hat
Helen Oxenbury--Tom And Pippo And The Bicycle
Alison Uttley--Sam Pig And The Dragon
Lloyd Alexander--The Fortune-Tellers
Patricia Polacco--John Philip Duck
Pamela Duncan Edwards--The Leprechaun’s Gold
Arthur Yorinks--Oh, Brother
Eric Litwin--Pete The Cat & His Four Groovy Buttons
Julie Ellis--What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras?
Jane Breskin Zalben--Goldie’s Purim

Wow, that's a whole progress towards clearing out the boxes of kids' books! Spoiler alert: back then, I had at least six big boxes full; now I'm down to one. I was glad to read every book of them.
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Dr. Mary Crowell says:

"So, HEADS UP! Thirty-two tracks coming your way (I broke up my two concerts into individual tracks.) I have Idle Minds and Not Much Hard Drive Space included as bonus tracks too. Once I do make the band camp album available for sale, they won't be visible unless someone downloads them.


(Please, spread the word.)"

So, if you're not already signed up, now would be an excellent time.
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January, 2017

Bruce Coville--Diary Of A Mad Brownie
M. C. A. Hogarth--Mindtouch
M. C. A. Hogarth--Mindline
Margaret Wise Brown--My World
Miska Miles--Annie And the Old One
Joylee--”A Change Is As Good As A Rest” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Maple_clef--”Posh” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Telarna--”Forces Impressed Thereon” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
green lily--”Till Eight Bells Do Ring Out” [Barrett’s Privateers fanfic]
MixolydianGrey--”Yours” [Tam Lin fanfic]
Anr--”Which Way To Go” [The Martian fanfic]
Lanna Michaels--”Revisions To A 'Dear Writer' Letter, Yuletide 2035.” [The Martian fanfic]
Ryfkah--”Or, What You Will” [Twelfth Night fanfic]
Philomytha--”Intelligent Disobedience” [Bujold fanfic]
Lanna Michaels--”Never Getting Back Together (Like, Ever)” [Bujold fanfic]
Philomytha--”The Huntsman’s Reel” [Bujold fanfic]
Alessandriana--”Peace And Quiet” [Bujold fanfic]
Patrokla--”The Last” [Megan Whalen Turner fanfic]
Shewhoguards--”Arguments And Agreements” [Megan Whalen Turner fanfic]
Thelittlestbird--”Something Splendid” [Alcott fanfic]
Tequila_mockingbird--”All The Words That Ever Were Or Ever Will Be” [Bujold fanfic]
Rsadelle--”First Choices” [Bujold fanfic]
Elemental--”Gytha And Esme’s Ill-Advised Adventure” [Pratchett fanfic]
harborshore--”One Another’s All” [Sayers fanfic]
Leiascully--”Service” [Sayers fanfic]
Persiflager--”Like As The Hart” [Sayers fanfic]
Pressdbtwnpages--”761 British Nights” [Sayers fanfic]
Whetherwoman--”Therefore Is Winged Cupid Painted Blind” [Kerry Greenwood fanfic]
riverlight--”To Begin With” [Kerry Greenwood fanfic]
Often_adamanta--”What Brings Us Together” [Kerry Greenwood fanfic]
KiaraSayre--”The Wake, The Current, The Tide” [Kerry Greenwood fanfic]
Betony--”The Thin Man’s Bride” [Thin Man fanfic]
Lost_spook--”The Spirit Of St. Mary Mead” [Agatha Christie fanfic]
Michael Bond--The Tales Of Olga da Polga
Jane Yolen--How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?
John Lithgow--Micawber
Edward Ardizzone--Tim In Danger
Julia Drum & Harry Sutton--The Celts
Vicki Delany--Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen
Bruce Coville--Hatched
Danielle Hart--”Games Aren’t Always Fun” [D & D cartoon fanfic]
Danielle Hart--”Just A Quiet House Party [Poirot-Capt. America crossover]
Danielle Hart--”Journey To A New World” [Nantucket fanfic]
Danielle Hart--”Dearer Than Any Blood Sister” [GWTW fanfic]
Danielle Hart--”Unwritten” [Back To The Future fanfic]
Danielle Hart--”Relief” [Bujold fanfic]
Margaret Mayo--Magical Tales From Many Lands
Seanan McGuire--”In The Before, When Legends Were True”
Seanan McGuire--”Waking Up In Vegas” [reread]
Seanan McGuire--”My Last Name”
Edna Romero--A Bug C
Caroline Royds, ed.--The Dragon, Giant, And Monster Treasury
Waspabi--”A Country You Remember” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Maple_clef--”Team-Building” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Shoemaster--”Every Word I’m Heeding” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Raven--”A Spell Against The Lonely” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Maple_clef--”Style It Out” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Couldaughter--”Do Whatever The TV Tells Us” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Rabidsamfan--”Berkeley Square” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Deviant Accumulation--”Bridge Over Troubled Water” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Eudaimon--”The Cartographer Tries To Map A Course” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Raven--”That Shall Be Bright” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Philomytha--“Disturbing The Dust” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Philomytha--“Demob” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Philomytha--“Retrieval” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Philomytha--“Lone Wolf” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Philomytha--“Target Practice” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Philomytha--“The Librarian” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Philomytha--“Reasonable Adjustments” [Rivers Of London fanfic]
Seanan McGuire--”Threnody for Little Girl, with Tuna, at the End of the World”
Margaret Wise Brown--Christmas In The Barn
Anita Lobel--The Dwarf Giant
Mem Fox--Possum Magic
Edward Lear--The Owl & The Pussycat & Other Poems (illustrated by Michael Hague)
Tomie dePaola--The Mysterious Giant Of Barletta
David Wisniewski--Elfwyn’s Saga
Tomie dePaola--The Legend Of The Indian Paintbrush
Tomie dePaola--Bonjour, Mr. Satie
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. The Retroactive Continuity” [reread]
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Presents Jacqueline Claus Vs. The Lost And The Found”
Catherine McLean--”Ella / Cinders”
Tomie dePaola--Days Of The Blackbird
Kelly Paul Briggs--Lighthouse Lullaby
John Schoenherr--Bear
Diane Willow--At Home In The Rain Forest
Paul Goble--The Gift Of The Sacred Dog
Marianna Mayer--Beauty & The Beast
Jane Yolen--The Three Bears Holiday Rhyme Book
Dylan Thomas--A Child’s Christmas In Wales
Paul O. Zelinsky--Rumpelstiltskin
Alison Stewart--Junk: Digging Through America’s Love Affair With Stuff
Ronald Kidd--On Top Of Old Smoky
Tomie dePaola--Tomie dePaola’s Front Porch Tales & North Country Whoppers
James Rice--Cajun Alphabet
Diane Duane--A Wizard Alone [Mark Reads]
Diane Kelly--Paw Enforcement
Susan Furlong--Rest In Peach
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. Recovery”

My word, that's a whole lot of fanfic & other goodies, right there!
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While running errands this morning, I was listening to a Buffalo Springfield song. This song was the biggest hit on it, & the lyrics are scarily relevant. note: this is as close to political as I get.

For What It's Worth

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

It's s time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, now, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
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It was just a few hours after getting home from this fun adventure, that the interstate I'd driven on exploded into flames. Fortunately, no one was hurt, & I understand the interstate's all repaired now. I'm even almost over the shock of spending lots of the day in a skirt. ;)

note: that's the shirt I wear for my Aral Vorkosigan cosplay. It's supposed to be the one the crew of the "General Vorkraft" gave him.
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Tanya Huff's novel _Sing The Four Quarters_ is free today on [including Bulgaria]. It is also free on nook,, iBooks, and Google Books, in the US. Check for a country near you.
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Palette Swap Ninja has a whole new album for free. It's the most brilliant mash-up of "Star Wars: A New Hope" and "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"--the whole album! It's free to download here: Or, you can watch the entire story via videos [with lyrics] at .

Woot, woot!
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After 12 years, my spouse has quit his baseball league. There was nothing wrong with the guys or anything, but the game had just gotten less fun for him. Why pay lots of money and drive an hour & more each way, if it's not fun?

I guess it just didn't fit him anymore, like clothes that fit fine in former years, but our shape has changed, and they're not as comfortable anymore. It's another way he's re-inventing himself, like I do every few years.

It's different things that change up, over time: the cons I go to, books I read, colors of clothes I prefer wearing. Bujold's a constant, of course, but most other things are, as Anne McCaffrey used to say, "subject to change without notice."

Some recent examples, just for giggles. My bridesmaid the kindergarten teacher got me looking for kid books for her, & it turns out lots of my favorite authors have written them. I'm slowly working through the 5 boxes of them in the house [down from 7 boxes]. I'm wearing lots more in the light blue-turquoise-teal range these days; they bring out my "naturally blond" [i.e., silvering] hair. I'm trying out some new conventions, and ditching others.

Then there's medical fun, enough for the whole class: diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid meds, arthritis meds, the recent root canal [6 parts; apparently I'm now a Rocky franchise ;(], the finally-over 3-week bronchial inconvenience. Then there's the blood pressure med that makes me sun-sensitive. No problem in fall & winter, but what in the worlds will I do about walks in the 7 months of summer we have here? I sweat too much to wear sunscreen on my face. I have a lovely, wide hat [that amplifies my voice, with acoustic weirdness], but would rather not live with sweaty, flat hat hair for months on end. Still, if it means getting our walks in, I'll be doing it. I'd not miss those.

All in all, a transitional, liminal time, with some definite inconveniences, but also some promising possibilities.

How are y'all re-inventing yourselves these days?
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