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October, 2013
Faith Erin Hicks--The War At Ellsmere
Patricia Sprinkle--Did You Declare The Corpse?
Patricia Sprinkle--Guess Who Came To Die?
Jo Dereske--Farewell, Miss Zukas
Nancy Atherton--Aunt Dimity & The Lost Prince
Effie Leland Wilder--Out To Pasture

November, 2013
Ada Madison [Camille Minichino]--The Probability Of Murder
Merrie Haskell--Handbook For Dragon Slayers
Jennifer Crusie, et. al.--Dogs & Goddesses [reread]
Jeremy Whitley--Princeless Book 1: Save Yourself
Tamora Pierce--Lady Knight [reread--Mark Reads]
Elsie Lee--The Nabob’s Widow [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Ruddy Gore [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Urn Burial [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Cocaine Blues [reread]

December, 2013
Kerry Greenwood--Flying Too High [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder On The Ballarat Train [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Death At Victoria Dock [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--The Green Mill Murder [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Blood And Circuses [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Raisins And Almonds [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Death Before Wicket [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Away With The Fairies [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder In Montparnasse [reread]
Marie O’Regan, ed.--Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women
Kerry Greenwood--The Castlemaine Murders [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Death By Water [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder In The Dark [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder On A Midsummer Night [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Dead Man’s Chest [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Earthly Delights [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Heavenly Pleasures [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Devil’s Food [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Trick Or Treat [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Forbidden Fruit [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Cooking The Books [reread]
Tamora Pierce--Trickster’s Choice [reread--Mark Reads]
Tamora Pierce--Battle Magic
Tamora Pierce--Melted Stones [reread]
Tamora Pierce--Will Of The Empress [reread]
Tamora Pierce--Sandry’s Book [reread]
Tamora Pierce--Tris’ Book [reread]
Tamora Pierce--Daja’s Book [reread]

And so we end last year as we began it, with lots & lots of addictive Kerry Greenwood. I'm beginning to have the problem Jo Walton inveighs against: having read favorite books so many times, you know them so well that you can't read them any more. Tamora Pierce can be every bit as addictive, as can any of my acid-test authors [if you can read 10 or more books by the same author in two weeks without burning out].

It also finished up the Miss Zukas series [librarians for the win!] and Patricia Sprinkle's Throughly Southern series [my favorite by her so far]. Camille Minichino's written several series I've enjoyed. Another frequent reread perfect for this time of year is Elsie Lee's _The Nabob's Widow_. That one's all the fault of [personal profile] nlbarber, who also got me into paperbackswap. Then the Botanical Garden, then the High Museum [there was a groupon], and-and.
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Just for giggles, here're some more.

July, 2013
Susan Wittig Albert--Widow’s Tears
Graham Landrum--The Famous DAR Murder Mystery
Alex Bledsoe--The Hum And The Shiver
Patricia Sprinkle--But Why Shoot The Magistrate?
Jo Dereske--Final Notice
Jo Dereske--Miss Zukas In Death’s Shadow
Mary Saums--When The Last Magnolia Weeps
Nancy Atherton--Aunt Dimity And The Village Witch
Nancy Atherton--Aunt Dimity And The Family Tree
Tamora Pierce--Page [reread--Mark Reads]
Graham Landrum--The Rotary Club Murder Mystery
Valerie Wolzien--Murder At The PTA Luncheon
Valerie Wolzien--The Fortieth Birthday Body
Valerie Wolzien--We Wish You A Merry Murder
Valerie Wolzien--All Hallows’ Evil
Valerie Wolzien--An Old Faithful Murder
Valerie Wolzien--A Star-Spangled Murder
Valerie Wolzien--A Good Year For A Corpse

August, 2013
Valerie Wolzien--T’is The Season To Be Murdered
Jo Dereske--Miss Zukas Shelves The Evidence
Patricia Sprinkle--Who Invited The Dead Man?
Yolen & Greenberg, eds.--Dragons And Dreams
Patricia Sprinkle--Who Left That Body In The Rain?
Graham Landrum--The Sensational Music Club Mystery
Graham Landrum--The Historical Society Murder Mystery
Graham Landrum--The Garden Club Mystery
Denise Little--Murder Most Romantic
Patricia Sprinkle--Who Let That Killer In The House?
Patricia Sprinkle--When Will The Dead Lady Sing?
Jo Dereske--Bookmarked To Die
Jo Dereske--Catalogue Of Death
Jacqueline Girdner--Adjusted To Death
Jeffrey Marks, ed.--Criminal Appetites
Ellen Potter--The Humming Room

September, 2013
Valerie Wolzien--Remodeled To Death
Patricia Sprinkle--Who Killed The Queen Of Clubs?
Sarah Graves--Dead Cat Bounce
Jeffrey Marks, ed.--Magnolias And Mayhem
Jo Dereske--Index To Murder
Tamora Pierce--Squire [reread--Mark Reads]
Mary Robinette Kowal--”Lady Astronaut Of Mars” [novella]

The Alex Bledsoe was very good, & I need to get the sequel; I've been looking forward to it. Mary Robinette Kowal won lots of awards for her novella, very well-deserved.

The first couple of the Landrum series were the best. I got the Wolziens for .50 each at the last Dunwoody library sale I made it to. I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of them. [I haven't been to Dunwoody sales since, because they keep conflicting with going to cons out of town. The library does three sales a year, for which they want a fairly hefty fee to join the Friends group & get first dibs on the good stuff. This year, I was out of town for 2 sales, & it wasn't worth paying a full price for one sale, especially since they've doubled their prices. Instead, I've been going to lots of smaller library book sales, all through the year.]

I can't believe I actually got a couple of books behind on the Aunt Dimity series, given what a fan I am. Nancy Atherton came to Denvention in 2008, & I went to anything I could find with her on it. When I asked her why she didn't have a kaffeeklatsch, she found an empty lounge area & occupied it with lots of her fans the following day. I made sure interested Bujold listies got in on the fun. Hey, we all do what we do. I don't play, sing, or even finish very many songs, but I can incite things. Getting up to incita-trix is fun!
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April, 2013
Joy Chant--The High Kings
G. M. Malliet--A Fatal Winter
G. M. Malliet--Death Of A Cozy Writer
Vanderhooft & Lundoff--Hellebore & Rue
Larry Gonick--The Cartoon History Of The Universe vols. 1-7
Lynette Hall Hampton--Jilted By Death
Rachel Hartman--Seraphina
Deborah Morgan--Death Is A Cabaret
Robert Alter--Genesis
Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris--Phoenix Rising
Tamora Pierce--The Realms Of The Gods [reread--Mark Reads]
J. A. Kazimer--Curses!
G. M. Malliet--Death And The Lit Chick

May, 2013
Mary Saums--Midnight Hour
Jo Dereske--Miss Zukas And The Island Murders
Patricia Sprinkle--Murder In The Charleston Manner
Laura Bradford--Hearse And Buggy
Tamora Pierce--First Test [reread--Mark Reads]

June, 2013
Faith Erin Hicks--Friends With Boys
Jane Yolen--Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Patricia Sprinkle--When Did We Lose Harriet?
G. M. Malliet--Death At The Alma Mater
Patricia Sprinkle--Murder On Peachtree Street
Jo Dereske--Miss Zukas And The Stroke Of Death
Jo Dereske--Miss Zukas And The Raven’s Dance
Jo Dereske--Out Of Circulation
Mary Saums--The Valley Of Jewels
Sharon Wildwind--Some Welcome Home
Patricia Sprinkle--Somebody’s Dead In Snellville

Still mostly mysteries, but some science fiction, fantasy, & even comic books sprinkled throughout.

Mark Oshiro continues his epic flail with inimitable flair, an ongoing flavor the last several years. He's built a great online community. Sometimes I think they're a bit *too* sensitive and politically correct, but everyone goes to lots of effort to create a safe, inclusive space. There're lots of fun, lively discussions. I space it out, so there's something to look forward to every day.
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Hey, nearly 2 years behind this time!

The year started off with a big rereading bang [Kerry Greenwood being all addictive like that]. It was also notable as being when I started listing the Mark Reads books, although I'd been following along for quite a while by then. Sometimes it takes us a while to start giving ourselves credit for things we do.

January, 2013
Mercedes Lackey--Redoubt
Yanni Kuznia--A Fantasy Medley 2
Paula Guran, ed.--Season Of Wonder
Grace Burrowes--Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish
Denise Swenson--Little Shop Of Homicide
Fran Stewart--Blue As Blue Jeans
Tamora Pierce--Wild Magic [reread--Mark Reads]

February, 2013
Ella Young--The Wonder Smith And His Son
Barbara Bretton--Just Desserts [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder On A Midsummer Night [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Dead Man’s Chest [reread]
Neil Gaiman--Odd and the Frost Giants
Scott McCloud--Understanding Comics
Tamora Pierce--Wolf Speaker [reread--Mark Reads]
Kerry Greenwood--Unnatural Habits
Helen Macie Osterman--The Accidental Sleuth
Marcia Williams--Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Marcia Williams--Hooray For Inventors!
Marcia Williams--Ancient Egypt
Kerry Greenwood--The Green Mill Murder [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Ruddy Gore [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Urn Burial [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Cocaine Blues [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Flying Too High [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder On The Ballarat Train [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Raisins And Almonds [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Death Before Wicket [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Away With The Fairies [reread]

March, 2013
Kerry Greenwood--Murder In Montparnasse [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--The Castlemaine Murders [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Queen Of The Flowers [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Death By Water [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder In The Dark [reread]
G. M. Malliet--Wicked Autumn
Kerry Greenwood--A Question Of Death [reread]
Robin Sloan--Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore
Kerry Greenwood--Murder On A Midsummer Night [reread]
Kari Lee Townsend--Tempest In The Tea Leaves
Tamora Pierce--Emperor Mage [reread--Mark Reads]
Fran Stewart--Indigo As An Iris
Patricia Sprinkle--Murder At Markham
Jo Dereske--Miss Zukas & The Library Murders
Kari Lee Townsend--Corpse In The Crystal Ball
Helen Macie Osterman--The Stranger In The Opera House
Helen Macie Osterman--The Elusive Relation
M. K. Wren--Curiosity Didn’t Kill The Cat

What a blast from the past! That's when I started reading Patricia Sprinkle [& I've read so many of hers since, over various series] & the Miss Zukas mysteries [marvellous characterizations! Alas, there are no more.]

Yet more evidence that, although emotionally I still identify primarily as a science fiction reader, what I'm actually reading most nowadays is mysteries [cosy, preferably with an animal on the cover & a bad pun in the title].

Does anyone else have that disconnect between fandom identification and actual activity?


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