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Jane Tesh--A Case Of Imagination
Marion Dane Bauer--A Dream Of Queens And Castles
Jane Yolen & Martin Greenberg, eds.--Vampires
Mercedes Lackey--Changes
Barbara Bretton--A Soft Place To Fall
Barbara Bretton--The Girls Of Summer
J. B. Stanley--A Killer Collection
Terese Ramin, ed.--Bewitched, Bothered & Bevampyred
Annette Curtis Klause--Blood And Chocolate
Mary Jo Putney--The Diabolical Baron
Christy Evans--Sink Trap
Jaclyn Reding--The Second Chance
Marion Dane Bauer, ed.--Am I Blue?
Margaret Grace [Camille Minichino]--Murder In Miniature

Jane Tesh--A Hard Bargain
Dean James--Posted To Death
Ellen Datlow, ed.--Naked City
Jaclyn Reding--Spellstruck
Jill Paton Walsh--The Attenbury Emeralds
Jaclyn Reding--In Praise Of Younger Men
Jane Tesh--A Little Learning
Laurie R. King--Pirate King
Charles Vess--The Book of Ballads
Dakota Cassidy--The Accidental Werewolf
Kiersten White--Paranormalcy
Mercedes Lackey--Beauty And The Werewolf
Wilanne Schneider Belden--Mind-Call [reread]
Wilanne Schneider Belden--Mind-Find [reread]
J. B. Stanley--A Fatal Appraisal
Jaclyn Reding--The Secret Gift
Margaret Grace [Camille Minichino]--Mayhem In Miniature
Anne Perry, ed.--Much Ado About Murder
Herbert Mason--Gilgamesh
Elisabeth Fairchild--Sugarplum Surprises
Dean James--Faked To Death
Rita Mae Brown--A Nose For Justice
Rita Mae Brown--Murder Unleashed
Camille Minichino--The Hydrogen Murder
Jennifer Crusie--Maybe This Time
Christy Evans--Lead-Pipe Cinch
Christy Evans--Drip Dead
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Edward Myers--Storyteller
F. Paul Wilson--Jack: Secret Histories
Jackson Pearce--Sisters Red
Heather Graham--Haunted
Loretta Chase--The Sandalwood Princess
Jennifer Lynn Barnes--Raised By Wolves
Dorothy L. Sayers--Striding Folly
Bruce Coville--Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
Rita Mae Brown--Hiss Of Death
Bill Willingham--Fables Volume 11: War And Pieces
Neesha Meminger--Shine, Coconut Moon
Barbara Bretton--Just Desserts
Julie Berry--The Amaranth Enchantment
Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald--School Of Wizardry
Bill Willingham--Fables Volume 12: The Dark Ages
Gabi Stevens--The Wish List
Jane Isenberg--Death In A Hot Flash
Kerry Greenwood--Earthly Delights [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Heavenly Pleasures [reread]
Emma Donoghue--Kissing The Witch
Malinda Lo--Ash
William H. Patterson, Jr.--Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue With His Century Volume 1 Learning Curve 1907-1948
Kerry Greenwood--Devil’s Food [reread]
Joyce & Jim Lavene--Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree

Kerry Greenwood--Trick Or Treat [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Forbidden Fruit [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--The Green Mill Murder [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Blood And Circuses [reread]
Anne McAllister--New Year’s Resolution: Family
Barbara Bretton--One And Only
Jennifer Lynn Barnes--The Squad: Perfect Cover
Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald--Secret Of The Tower
Kerry Greenwood--Ruddy Gore [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Urn Burial [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Raisins And Almonds [reread]
F. Paul Wilson--Jack: Secret Circles
Julie Hyzy--Grace Under Pressure
Julie Hyzy--Grace Interrupted
Kristine Kathryn Rusch--Diving Into The Wreck
Kerry Greenwood--Death Before Wicket [reread]
Mercedes Lackey--Unnatural Issue
Bill Willingham--Jack of Fables Volume 1: The Great Escape
Hannah Reed--Buzz Off
Julie Hyzy--Artistic License
Kerry Greenwood--Away With The Fairies [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder In Montparnasse [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--The Castlemaine Murders [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Queen Of The Flowers [reread]
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Having spent most of the day working on the [very belated] newsletter, I'm getting caught up on some of these.

Lisa Kleypas--Christmas Eve At Friday Harbor
Jacqueline Winspear--Mapping Love And Death
L. M. Boston--The Chimneys Of Green Knowe [aka The Treasure Of Green Knowe
Emilie Loring--The Shining Years [reread]
Laura Childs--Eggs Benedict Arnold
Sabrina Jeffries--The Truth About Lord Stoneville
Emilie Loring--A Key To Many Doors [reread]
Molly Harper--And One Last Thing…
Toni L. P. Kelner & Charlaine Harris--Death’s Excellent Vacation
Victoria Laurie--Ghouls Gone Wild
Ellen Raskin--The Raskin Game
Victoria Laurie--Ghouls Just Haunt To Have Fun
Laura Childs--Bedeviled Eggs
Lois McMaster Bujold--Sharing Knife: Horizon [reread]
Julie James--A Lot Like Love
Molly Harper--How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf
Molly Harper--The Art Of Seducing A Naked Werewolf

Linda Wisdom--50 Ways To Hex Your Lover
John Wyndham--The Midwich Cuckoos
Kerry Greenwood--Murder In The Dark
Eleanor Farjeon--Cats Sleep Anywhere
Bill Willingham--Fables 7: Arabian Nights (And Days)
Barbara Bretton--Laced With Magic
René Goscinny--Asterix The Gaul
Bill Willingham--Fables 8: Wolves
Bruce Coville--Monster’s Ring
Linda O. Johnston--Beaglemania
Susan Elizabeth Phillips--It Had To Be You
Jane Yolen--Foiled
Kerry Greenwood--Cocaine Blues [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Flying Too High [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder On The Ballarat Train [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Death At Victoria Dock [reread]
Karen Lord--Redemption In Indigo
Joyce & Jim Lavene--Pretty Poison
Bill Willingham--Fables Volume 9: Sons Of Empire
Sarah Addison Allen--The Peach Keeper
Justine Larbalestier & Holly Black--Zombies Vs. Unicorns
Jackson Pearce--As You Wish
Susan Elizabeth Phillips--Heaven Texas
Marjane Satrapi--Persepolis: Story Of a Childhood
Bill Willingham--Fables Volume 10: The Good Prince
Loretta Chase--Isabella
Rita Mae Brown--Animal Magnetism
M. M. Kaye--The Ordinary Princess
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Goodness! I really *have* gotten behind in posting these. Ma! Time's playing funky tricks again!

Mary Balogh--A Secret Affair
Mary Balogh--A Christmas Promise
Heather Alexander--Everafter
Rachel Hawkins--Hex Hall
Alison Uttley--Wild Honey
Jacqueline Winspear--Pardonable Lies
Susan Donovan--Public Displays Of Affection
Alice & Martin Provensen--The Provensen Book Of Fairy Tales
Jeri Smith-Ready--Wicked Game
Gabriella Herkert--Catnapped
Phaedra Weldon--Wraith
Heather Tomlinson--Toads And Diamonds
Nora Roberts--Charmed
Nora Roberts--Enchanted

Ellery Adams--A Killer Plot
Nora Roberts--Captivated
Nora Roberts--Entranced
Caroline Linden--What A Woman Needs
Anne Canadeo--While My Pretty One Knits
Jacqueline Winspear--Messenger Of Truth
Victoria Laurie--What’s A Ghoul To Do?
Barbara Bretton--Casting Spells
L. M. Boston--The Children Of Green Knowe
Jeri Smith-Ready--Bad To The Bone
Polly Shulman--The Grimm Legacy
Laura Childs--Eggs In Purgatory
Jacqueline Winspear--An Incomplete Revenge
Chris Roberson--Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love
Victoria Laurie--Demons Are A Ghoul’s Best Friend
Anne Canadeo--Knit, Purl, Die
Anne Canadeo--A Stitch Before Dying
Sofie Kelly--Curiosity Thrilled The Cat
Tera Lynn Childs--Forgive My Fins
Darynda Jones--First Grave On The Right
Jacqueline Winspear--Among The Mad


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