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It's been a rather busy month so far. It started with lots of extra book sales [yay!], which go a ways to making up for the sales I'll have to miss later in the year, due to being out of town at cons. Then, I got together with friends three consecutive days, which of course meant lots of conversation. Especially with my bridesmaid. I have worlds of respect for the tenacity & perseverance & the ways she's coped with boatloads of Stuff, but sometimes, talking to her isn't like pulling teeth, it's like pushing Sisyphus' rock up a black hole. So, when my throat was sore for several days, I figured I'd overstrained my voice. Then, a couple of days in, the nose started. Maybe a summer cold?

The thing is, that's the third respiratory event this year, & I'm normally offensively healthy, except coming home from Seattle every other year with a bronchial death-plague. If I go next year--& that's a big if--I'm definitely not plate-sharing with throngs, especially when at least one of them comes down deathly ill the last night of the con. I like those folks & would like to hang out with them again, but I'm having my own plate this time.

Plague the first lingered several weeks longer than usual. I asked the doc if the diabetes had compromised my immune system, but she opined it was an unusually severe flu season. The middle of May, I had event the second. 2-3 days of sore throat, followed by a couple days of an erupting Mount Nose. Then it goes to the lungs, & I bark a lot. That one tied me up for about a week, & I'm afraid this one will do the same, if not worse.

So far, I've had 4 days of very sore throat, the last two with nasal excitement & massive congestion, but my temperature always stayed normal. This morning, it was suddenly 101.1. Because one of the arthritis meds acts like ibuprofen, I can't take that any more, & acetaminophen just isn't as effective. Within the first couple of hours this morning, it came down to around 100, but now it's back up to 100.5.

One of the sales I like has book-sorting every month. It's a Tuesday from 5-7, the worst time ever, so I usually only make it few times a year, if that. I'd been hoping to go tomorrow [hitting the Cici's en route--dessert pizzas, ftw!], but there's no way I can go & be contagious at people. Afternoon is also the only ze spouse has open for a walk, anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot ze spouse had already bought a watermelon & bought a second one. I was worried we wouldn't get it finished in time for ConAlope. Guess I don't have to worry about that now. It's right handy. I'm not hurting too much, & goodness knows, could use the time to clear the dvr, get caught up online, etc., before the con. Those dessert pizzas would've been nice, though.
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