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August, 2016

Tasha Tudor--Tasha Tudor’s Book Of Fairy Tales
E. Nesbit--Long Ago When I Was Young
Val Schaffner--Algonquin Cat
Judith Tarr--“Chrysalis” [Alamut story]
Catherine McLean--”The Blind Girl Of Castel Cuille”
Nina Allan--”The Art Of Space Travel”
Tomie de Paola--Strega Nona: Her Story
Ursula Vernon--Castle Hangnail
Ursula Vernon--Hamster Princess: Of Mice And Magic
Diane Duane--High Wizardry [reread--Mark Reads]
Lt Joe Jebkanto--”Trading Places” [Alien Nation fanfic]
Lt Joe Jebkanto--”All The Right Words” [Alien Nation fanfic]
Lt Joe Jebkanto--”Seeds Of Yesterday” [Alien Nation fanfic]
Nancy Atherton--Aunt Dimity And The Buried Treasure
Terry Pratchett--Feet Of Clay [reread--Mark Reads]
Krista Davis--Murder Most Howl
L. Leslie Brooke--Johnny Crow’s Party
Lavinia R. Davis--Danny’s Luck
Scott Washburn--”One Enchanted Evening” [Bujold fanfic]
Scott Washburn--”Keepsake” [Bujold fanfic re-read]
Elizabeth Barrette--”Get Over That Old Doubt”
A. A. Milne--”A Matter-Of-Fact Fairy Tale”
Christine Trent--Lady Of Ashes
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller--”Guaranteed Delivery”
Cheryl Hollon--Pane And Suffering
Randall Jarrell--The Bat-Poet
Selve Maas & Peggy Hoffmann--The Sea Wedding & Other Stories From Estonia
Catherine McLean--”Worth More Than Silver”
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. Going Home Again” [re-read]
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. Everything You Ever Wanted”
Page McBrier--Beatrice’s Goat
Valerie Wesley--Freedom’s Gifts: A Juneteenth Story
Valerie Flournoy--The Patchwork Quilt
Robert D. SanSouci--The Faithful Friend
Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen--Elizabeti’s Doll

That's very varied, right there! What have y'all been reading, in or from unusual places?


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