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Ursula Vernon, who just won the Best Novelette Hugo, stopped in Iceland en route to WorldCon. She was with her husband Kevin, his cousin, Amy, & their friend Tina. They storified the trip, here:

There're lots of gorgeous photos & great snark.
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It's been a rather busy month so far. It started with lots of extra book sales [yay!], which go a ways to making up for the sales I'll have to miss later in the year, due to being out of town at cons. Then, I got together with friends three consecutive days, which of course meant lots of conversation. Especially with my bridesmaid. I have worlds of respect for the tenacity & perseverance & the ways she's coped with boatloads of Stuff, but sometimes, talking to her isn't like pulling teeth, it's like pushing Sisyphus' rock up a black hole. So, when my throat was sore for several days, I figured I'd overstrained my voice. Then, a couple of days in, the nose started. Maybe a summer cold?

The thing is, that's the third respiratory event this year, & I'm normally offensively healthy, except coming home from Seattle every other year with a bronchial death-plague. If I go next year--& that's a big if--I'm definitely not plate-sharing with throngs, especially when at least one of them comes down deathly ill the last night of the con. I like those folks & would like to hang out with them again, but I'm having my own plate this time.

Plague the first lingered several weeks longer than usual. I asked the doc if the diabetes had compromised my immune system, but she opined it was an unusually severe flu season. The middle of May, I had event the second. 2-3 days of sore throat, followed by a couple days of an erupting Mount Nose. Then it goes to the lungs, & I bark a lot. That one tied me up for about a week, & I'm afraid this one will do the same, if not worse.

So far, I've had 4 days of very sore throat, the last two with nasal excitement & massive congestion, but my temperature always stayed normal. This morning, it was suddenly 101.1. Because one of the arthritis meds acts like ibuprofen, I can't take that any more, & acetaminophen just isn't as effective. Within the first couple of hours this morning, it came down to around 100, but now it's back up to 100.5.

One of the sales I like has book-sorting every month. It's a Tuesday from 5-7, the worst time ever, so I usually only make it few times a year, if that. I'd been hoping to go tomorrow [hitting the Cici's en route--dessert pizzas, ftw!], but there's no way I can go & be contagious at people. Afternoon is also the only ze spouse has open for a walk, anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot ze spouse had already bought a watermelon & bought a second one. I was worried we wouldn't get it finished in time for ConAlope. Guess I don't have to worry about that now. It's right handy. I'm not hurting too much, & goodness knows, could use the time to clear the dvr, get caught up online, etc., before the con. Those dessert pizzas would've been nice, though.
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Palette Swap Ninja has a whole new album for free. It's the most brilliant mash-up of "Star Wars: A New Hope" and "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"--the whole album! It's free to download here: Or, you can watch the entire story via videos [with lyrics] at .

Woot, woot!
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After 12 years, my spouse has quit his baseball league. There was nothing wrong with the guys or anything, but the game had just gotten less fun for him. Why pay lots of money and drive an hour & more each way, if it's not fun?

I guess it just didn't fit him anymore, like clothes that fit fine in former years, but our shape has changed, and they're not as comfortable anymore. It's another way he's re-inventing himself, like I do every few years.

It's different things that change up, over time: the cons I go to, books I read, colors of clothes I prefer wearing. Bujold's a constant, of course, but most other things are, as Anne McCaffrey used to say, "subject to change without notice."

Some recent examples, just for giggles. My bridesmaid the kindergarten teacher got me looking for kid books for her, & it turns out lots of my favorite authors have written them. I'm slowly working through the 5 boxes of them in the house [down from 7 boxes]. I'm wearing lots more in the light blue-turquoise-teal range these days; they bring out my "naturally blond" [i.e., silvering] hair. I'm trying out some new conventions, and ditching others.

Then there's medical fun, enough for the whole class: diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid meds, arthritis meds, the recent root canal [6 parts; apparently I'm now a Rocky franchise ;(], the finally-over 3-week bronchial inconvenience. Then there's the blood pressure med that makes me sun-sensitive. No problem in fall & winter, but what in the worlds will I do about walks in the 7 months of summer we have here? I sweat too much to wear sunscreen on my face. I have a lovely, wide hat [that amplifies my voice, with acoustic weirdness], but would rather not live with sweaty, flat hat hair for months on end. Still, if it means getting our walks in, I'll be doing it. I'd not miss those.

All in all, a transitional, liminal time, with some definite inconveniences, but also some promising possibilities.

How are y'all re-inventing yourselves these days?
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Wondrous Winterthings to one and all!

Or, given the way it's looking, Hot fun in the summertime. ;)

On our walk, we just saw:

5 sunning turtles,
4 yellow sulfurs (butterflies!)
3 lee-zards (2 skink, 1 anole)
2 titmice, &
1 kingfisher caroling around.

All presided over by Goose-Gamesh (the resident Canada goose at the pond).

obLMB--It's 70 degrees fahrenheit today, & *that's just wrong!*

Tee hee hee.
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Saddle up with Sir Patrick in the best infomercial ever! Also, it's for a good cause. We just wish the rest of the ad were real.
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After 20+ years of monthly booksales, the local library system got a new director who cut the Friends back to 3 sales a year. To fill this social void, I started checking out sales in neighboring counties. Both Fulton & DeKalb counties have over 30 branches each, each with its own sales. I checked out a good many the last couple of years, & am still on the mailing list for several.

So, I get an email from the Toco Hills library saying, come to our book-sorting party, before the big sale in May. I think, why not? The catch is, it's 5-7 p.m., across town, at the worst traffic time of day. But I kind of want to go. I'm thinking, why not get there early, grub down, & then frolic at the library? With ze spouse at spring training [Chaucer in Spring hath naught on my hunky hubby for langen to goon on pilgrimagen--especially with baseball.], there's no time pressure.

While looking at the map for eating places, I notice it's near the Book Nook [used book store]. This is starting to look like an outing! Best of all, there's a Cici's [pizza buffet] right on the way.

I have several outlets for things to leave the house. There's the Interfilk box, the swapping piles, and the going-away stacks. I packed 2 banker's boxes with books & cds from the going-away area and headed out. Traffic was pretty good, so I reached the pizza place at 3:30. Call it an hour to grub down [with a good book] & 30 minutes to get to the library [traffic].

Arriving right on time [yay, me!], we all get to work right away. There were multiple carts piled high with sturdy tray-boxes that had to be sorted into categories. They'd already set up multiple rows of alphabetized categories, but they were all on the floor. Iow, lots of bending, stooping, & lifting. My back loveth me not, but volunteers get a few free books. I found some cds for me & some books for ze spouse. Good chats & hard work, but I'd not exactly call it a "party"; there weren't even donuts, let alone beverages.

Then came the bookstore. I hauled in the heavy boxes, feeling smug about getting rid of so much clutter. To my chagrin, when they were finally done, most of my stuff was back in the boxes. I was stuck with lots of stuff, & meager trade-credits [which can only be used for limited things]. Worst of all, there was a box labeled "Bluegrass Blowout." Thinking there'd be big discounts, I found lots of things to want, only to find out that there were no discounts at all. Now, I like lots of things, but not enough to pay $8-$9 for used cds. The whole wall labeled "discounts" weren't, either. No thanks to the signage, I eventually found the discount stuff & even found some interesting things, but it was still frustrating and disappointing.

It's a thing I get from my mama: rip me off if you must, but don't lie to me. I'd been so excited, & I did enjoy some things about the afternoon, but it was still a big let-down, to drag home, worn out, with feet hurting & a spasming back, only to still have to drag the heavy boxes right back in & unpack them. I left that for today, when my back was still stiff, but much better [triple ibuprofen, ftw!].

These folks need to learn words, though. If you're going to "party", "trade", or "discount", then rock that. But if you're not, don't call it that. You'll avoid alienating a lot of folks that way. And some of us are pretty vocal. Good or bad, we'll broadcast that experience all over town [& some internet].

I was too tired to use the [few] book-credits last night, so that's an opportunity for an outing with a friend or ze spouse. That'll be something to look forward to. Why, yes, I *did* imprint on Pollyanna at a young age; why do you ask?

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I surprised my headbanging, hunky hubby with a new cd. It's by a group called Hayseed Dixie. The album is "Kiss My Grass: a Hillbilly Tribute To KISS." The very first track I played him off it was:

So. Deliciously. Wrong. The look on his face when *those* sounds came out was absolutely priceless.

Tee hee hee.
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Steve Brust says it's all Emma Bull's fault.


Dec. 9th, 2015 12:37 pm
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Maximilian Georg Ulrich von Salis

13. Oktober 1944 - 8. Dezember 2015

Requiescat in pace

Although there was nothing either requiescat or pace about that man [drat him].

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I hadn't known about Glen A. Larson.

Check out the list of entertainers we've lost just this year. These are the people of our lives! It's one thing when Pete Seeger dies. That's sad, but not unexpected. But some of these folks are scarily close to my age; that cold wind isn't just winter's kiss.

I'm rather shaken up by the whole thing.
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So, ze spouse is watching wrestling, and I'm on the computer at the complete opposite end of the house [being all sensible like that]. He exclaims loudly that Grumpy Cat is on wrestling. When I race in to see, I see ze spouse splorting gleefully in his recliner, and in front of him is our cat [the pied Piper], also watching the tv. A man and his cat, watching Grumpy Cat on wrestling together. That's so wrong, it's just right.

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These re-workings are delicious, twisted fun!


Nov. 2nd, 2014 09:47 pm
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Here're some cheerful epidemic thoughts from Mira Grant, Seanan McGuire's evil twin:

Hey, y'all, be careful out there.
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The Professora & I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens yesterday. They had an exhibit of scarecrows, some with scarily bad punny names. I'm not sure what flickr did with/to the order, but the names should be at or near the pictures. I hope y'all enjoy them. In between, of course, being very, very afraid.

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To, of course, the tune of "Don't Fear The Vacuum."

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about 50 seconds in. Some things shouldn't be done, even to bagpipes.

[shudder, shudder, glee]
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Monday afternoon, ze spouse & I went for our now-habitual cave-walk and had a marvelous time.

Tuesday, however, we saw something that overset our habitual equanimity. In front of Lake City Municipal Hall [City City Hall being saved for inspired silliness, such as The Tick], they had almost finished setting up the large, artificial Christmas Tree. On October 23rd.

It doesn't need Ivan VorPatril to opine, That's Just Wrong!
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A couple of miles down from our house is the bustling town of Lake City. Every day on our way to take a walk at Reynolds Nature Preserve [see anything here-- --that says "Reynolds"], we drive past the Municipal Hall. (Because Lake City City Hall would be too silly & straight out of "The Tick.")

Last year, they began putting up the massive-yet-quite-pretty-at-night fake tree the week of October 17th; the Christmas figures went out early in the week of October 24th. The figures came down at the end of January, the tree in mid-February. This was the year *after* the snowstorm, so that was no excuse for the delay.

As the most notorious inhabitant of Reynolds might inspire one to say, "What the duck?!"
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I've been meaning to start this series for a while. The brain-splodey finally overflowed, so here we go.

I'm on swapping sites: and To facilitate de-hoarding [and maintain fun ego-boo], for everything ordered, I offer something free, books & cds both. Folks tend to stick to what they initially ordered, but some figure out the other's available, too.

It's usually fairly typical: the person wanting the Carpenters cd requests the Barry Manilow. Then the Tito Puente cd wanted the Sudden Death cd. Er-? Double-take and all that. This morning was the coup de grace; the Ella Fitzgerald cd wanted the Abba cd. Hence the brain-splodey.

Color me Cute When Croggled; too bad there's no mood icon for that.
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