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There's a huge sale on Georgette Heyer novels over on and amazon. Lots & lots of screens of e-books for 2.99 each.

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Here's some of the magnificent music I was enjoying last weekend, Cheshire Moon rocking the house. My feet are on the lower right [we'd cleared the front of the room for the video].

Part 1:

Part 2:
filkferengi: filk fandom--all our life's a circle (Default) here:

The interview starts at about 1 minute in, and runs about 30 minutes.

This was recorded on Day 4 of ConVergence, earlier this month. (Which seems longer ago than that, already.)

Ta, L.

posted by Lois McMaster Bujold on July, 24
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Lois McMaster Bujold says, here:

I am pleased to report that I have finished the first draft of a new Penric & Desdemona novella. (For that peculiar value of "finished" that means, "still dinking till it's pulled from the writer's twitchy hands.")

Title will be "Penric's Fox"

Length, at this moment, is around 37,400 words. It is more-or-less a sequel to "Penric and the Shaman", taking place about eight or nine months after that story.

Final editing and formatting, arranging for cover art to send it out into the world nicely dressed, etc., will take some unknown amount of time and eyeball-endurance, but e-pub will likely happen in August.

My computer file tells me I started typing the opening on March 3rd, but of course there was lead-up to that. It is, in general, hard to tell or remember when a project segues over from "notion" to "planning", although the notion had been with me for some time. Story notions are like a collection of vaguely related objects rattling around in a box; planning starts when some key object that connects them all drops in, and things suddenly get interesting.

Ta, L.
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Just a couple of these things, & it pays for itself. For example, the Fiction River anthology alone [nearly 800 pages!] is 8.00 on Kindle. The Uncollected Anthology Year One [490 pages] is only available as a $24 paperback. Afaik, this is the only e-book edition. The Grayson trilogy is excellent, romance-with-woo-woo fun; the Rusch Diving series has great buzz. The Faerie Summer is a 20-book e-book set.

Throw in the others, & that's a lot at an excellent deal. Squee!

filkferengi, off to buy it now
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Now available on bandcamp, here are right at 2 full hours of music [2 concerts and lots of extra, new songs] for only $10. Best of all, you can listen to the whole thing for free & see for yourself.

note: anyone joining Mary's patreon [link at bandcamp, below] during June gets the whole download for free.
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Dr. Mary Crowell says:

"So, HEADS UP! Thirty-two tracks coming your way (I broke up my two concerts into individual tracks.) I have Idle Minds and Not Much Hard Drive Space included as bonus tracks too. Once I do make the band camp album available for sale, they won't be visible unless someone downloads them.


(Please, spread the word.)"

So, if you're not already signed up, now would be an excellent time.
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It was just a few hours after getting home from this fun adventure, that the interstate I'd driven on exploded into flames. Fortunately, no one was hurt, & I understand the interstate's all repaired now. I'm even almost over the shock of spending lots of the day in a skirt. ;)

note: that's the shirt I wear for my Aral Vorkosigan cosplay. It's supposed to be the one the crew of the "General Vorkraft" gave him.
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Tanya Huff's novel _Sing The Four Quarters_ is free today on [including Bulgaria]. It is also free on nook,, iBooks, and Google Books, in the US. Check for a country near you.
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Palette Swap Ninja has a whole new album for free. It's the most brilliant mash-up of "Star Wars: A New Hope" and "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"--the whole album! It's free to download here: Or, you can watch the entire story via videos [with lyrics] at .

Woot, woot!
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In Lois McMaster Bujold's Sharing Knife books, Dag Redwing is named for the Red-Winged Blackbird. Since reading the series [over and over again, as one does], that's become one of my favorite birds. Yesterday morning, as I drove out to run errands, a flock of them took flight across the road in front of me. Their dancing red and yellow shoulder-flames dazzled my eyes. As Dag's wife Fawn says about him, they made my eyes happy.

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This is a big deal; the regular price is 24.95!

Subject: [LMB] CVA on sale at

Just spotted this sale on the audiobook of _Captain Vorptril?s Alliance_ at, $5.95 for the download version, good through Feb 27, 2017:

h/t to [personal profile] nlbarber
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The BBC recently aired a documentary called "Terry Pratchett, Back In Black". There's lots of Pratchett. It's 49 minutes, & here:

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Ever helpful, [personal profile] hms42 sent me this link.

If anyone ever wonders what a filk con is like, check this playlist out for yourself. You can definitely see why Judi won the Pegasus award for Best Performer, though!

I've not checked all the videos, but if they show the bottom of the microphones, the small recorder on the front of the stage is mine. I'm the one in the first or second row, savoring the goodies.



Feb. 4th, 2017 09:28 am
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I don't really do politics. The usual line is, "Ze spouse speaks law, politics, baseball, and wrestling. I speak French, Spanish, science fiction, & fantasy. The difference is, my fantasy is better written than his, especially in an election year." [That was somehow much less funny lately.]

The closest I get to politics is two opinions:

1. Leave me alone.
2. GOOMU [Get Out Of My Uterus]. [Feel free to use; that's a good one.]

Howsomever, good is good, but great is better. Speaking of which, I was just listening to this this morning:

Talis is always delightful, but she's put some of her best stuff for free or name-your-own-price here:

I also enjoy the common sense of this one:
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Wondrous Winterthings to one and all!

Or, given the way it's looking, Hot fun in the summertime. ;)

On our walk, we just saw:

5 sunning turtles,
4 yellow sulfurs (butterflies!)
3 lee-zards (2 skink, 1 anole)
2 titmice, &
1 kingfisher caroling around.

All presided over by Goose-Gamesh (the resident Canada goose at the pond).

obLMB--It's 70 degrees fahrenheit today, & *that's just wrong!*

Tee hee hee.
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October, 2016

Elizabeth Partridge--Oranges On Golden Mountain
Tomie de Paola--26 Fairmount Avenue
Audrey Penn--Feathers & Fur
Bill Peet--Cyrus The Unsinkable Sea Serpent
John Langstaff--Oh, A-Hunting We Will Go
Catherine McLean--”Half Life”
Catherine McLean--”Alice‘s Adventures In Revolution”
Terry Pratchett--Hogfather [reread--Mark Reads]
Ardath Mayhar--”Watch-Cat”
Ink-splotch--”I was so tall” [Narnia fanfic]
Ink-splotch--”There comes a point where Susan” [Narnia fanfic]
Russian_blue--”Majesty” [Narnia fanfic]
Gisho--”Went Forth Unconquered” [Narnia fanfic]
Jo Walton--”The worst of it was” [Narnia fanfic]
Ursula Vernon--”Elegant And Fine” [Narnia fanfic]
Minutia_R--”Till Things Are Brighter” [Bujold fanfic]
fawatson--”Reception” [Bujold fanfic]
Kelly Robson--”The Eye Of The Swan”
H. H. Munro--”Sredni Vashtar”
Deborah Nourse Lattimore--The Dragon’s Robe
Deborah Nourse Lattimore--The Flame Of Peace
Jack Haldeman--”We, The People”
Sarah McCarry--”Blue Is A Darkness Weakened By Light”
Delia James--A Familiar Tail
Edward Lear--The Owl & The Pussycat & Other Nonsense Poems [illustrated by Michael Hague]
Ana_a_ana--”Ash In The Blood” [Bujold fanfic]
Tasha Alexander--A Fatal Waltz
Sharon Lee--”The Road To Pomona’s”
Charlie Jane Anders--”Clover”

Looks like the Bujold fanfic partied with the Narnia fanfic & lots of kids books. What else has everyone been reading?
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September, 2016

Spider Robinson--”Two Heads Are Better Than One” [reread--Mark Reads]
Tasha Tudor--Favorite Stories
Joan Aiken--The Monkey’s Wedding & Other Stories
Duffy Brown--Geared For The Grave
Paul Cornell--”Don’t You Worry, You Aliens”
Danielle Hart--”Mutual Affection” [Pride & Prejudice fanfic]
Danielle Hart--”Nightmares” [Kou & Drou fanfic]
Danielle Hart--”The New Middle-Class Married Life” [Kou & Drou fanfic]
Georgia Perez--Through The Eyes Of The Eagle
Tomie de Paola--Strega Nona
Tomie de Paola--Big Anthony And The Magic Ring
Tomie de Paola--Helga’s Dowry
Tomie de Paola--The Baby Sister
Bonnie Carey--Grasshopper To The Rescue
Heidi Petach--Goldilocks And The Three Hares
Rebecca Campbell--”The High Lonesome Frontier”
Patricia Wentworth--Eternity Ring
Catherine McLean--”Between The Seams”
Catherine McLean--”The Judgment Of [Elaine Of] Paris”
Frances Ward Weller--Madaket Millie
Trosclair & James Rice--Cajun Night Before Christmas
a_t_rain--”Mike Adams, Justina Vorrutyer, and Wyx Hargraves, Authors Of Macbeth” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”We That Are Young” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Protective Coloration” [Bujold fanfic] [reread]
a_t_rain--”Fidele” [Bujold fanfic] [reread]
a_t_rain--”And Cry ‘Content‘ To That Which Grieves My Heart” [Bujold fanfic]
Vanessa Julian-Ottie--Sebastian Explores
a_t_rain--”Hostage Negotiation Is The Family Business” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”We‘re All Mad Here” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent” [Bujold fanfic] [reread]
a_t_rain--”Burying Baron Burr” [Bujold fanfic]
Philomytha--”A Bit Of A Loose Screw” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Cold Case” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Dirty Angel” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”The Fast-Penta Test” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Loyalty” [Bujold fanfic]
Minutia_R--”The Mutant Bridegroom” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Lessons In Self-Defense” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Magnetism And Gravitation” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”A Bit Too Much Good Work” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Cheating” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”On A Cold Planet” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Impostor” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Diamonds And Hearts” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Three Conversations Donna Vorrutyer Had About Bisexuality” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Give My Regards To Brodsky” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Cargo” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Ordinary” [Bujold fanfic]
Nancy Willard--Simple Pictures Are Best
Jay Williams--One Big Wish
a_t_rain--”A Brief History Of Pornography In The Imperial Security Service” [Bujold fanfic]
avanti_90--”Better Than Running Away” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor‘s …” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Acknowledged Bastards” [Bujold fanfic]
Jean Flowers (Camille Minichino)--Death Takes Priority
Carol J. Perry--Tails, You Lose
Diane Duane--A Wizard Abroad [reread--Mark Reads]
Gwynne Powell--”Gift Of The Gods” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Glimpses After A Campaign” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Victory” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Security Report” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Explanations” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Duty Calls” [Bujold fanfic]
N. K. Jemisin--”The City Born Great”

My word, that's quite the collection of quality Bujold fanfic, right there!
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The album with the train station video is available for free download here:
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