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There's a huge sale on Georgette Heyer novels over on and amazon. Lots & lots of screens of e-books for 2.99 each.

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Here's some of the magnificent music I was enjoying last weekend, Cheshire Moon rocking the house. My feet are on the lower right [we'd cleared the front of the room for the video].

Part 1:

Part 2:
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Just a couple of these things, & it pays for itself. For example, the Fiction River anthology alone [nearly 800 pages!] is 8.00 on Kindle. The Uncollected Anthology Year One [490 pages] is only available as a $24 paperback. Afaik, this is the only e-book edition. The Grayson trilogy is excellent, romance-with-woo-woo fun; the Rusch Diving series has great buzz. The Faerie Summer is a 20-book e-book set.

Throw in the others, & that's a lot at an excellent deal. Squee!

filkferengi, off to buy it now
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Now available on bandcamp, here are right at 2 full hours of music [2 concerts and lots of extra, new songs] for only $10. Best of all, you can listen to the whole thing for free & see for yourself.

note: anyone joining Mary's patreon [link at bandcamp, below] during June gets the whole download for free.
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Dr. Mary Crowell says:

"So, HEADS UP! Thirty-two tracks coming your way (I broke up my two concerts into individual tracks.) I have Idle Minds and Not Much Hard Drive Space included as bonus tracks too. Once I do make the band camp album available for sale, they won't be visible unless someone downloads them.


(Please, spread the word.)"

So, if you're not already signed up, now would be an excellent time.
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It was just a few hours after getting home from this fun adventure, that the interstate I'd driven on exploded into flames. Fortunately, no one was hurt, & I understand the interstate's all repaired now. I'm even almost over the shock of spending lots of the day in a skirt. ;)

note: that's the shirt I wear for my Aral Vorkosigan cosplay. It's supposed to be the one the crew of the "General Vorkraft" gave him.
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Tanya Huff's novel _Sing The Four Quarters_ is free today on [including Bulgaria]. It is also free on nook,, iBooks, and Google Books, in the US. Check for a country near you.
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Palette Swap Ninja has a whole new album for free. It's the most brilliant mash-up of "Star Wars: A New Hope" and "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"--the whole album! It's free to download here: Or, you can watch the entire story via videos [with lyrics] at .

Woot, woot!
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This is a big deal; the regular price is 24.95!

Subject: [LMB] CVA on sale at

Just spotted this sale on the audiobook of _Captain Vorptril?s Alliance_ at, $5.95 for the download version, good through Feb 27, 2017:

h/t to [personal profile] nlbarber
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Ever helpful, [personal profile] hms42 sent me this link.

If anyone ever wonders what a filk con is like, check this playlist out for yourself. You can definitely see why Judi won the Pegasus award for Best Performer, though!

I've not checked all the videos, but if they show the bottom of the microphones, the small recorder on the front of the stage is mine. I'm the one in the first or second row, savoring the goodies.

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November, 2016

Catherine McLean--”Death And The Widow”
Susan Furlong--Peaches And Scream
Jonathan Carroll--”The Loud Table”
Diane Vallere--Suede To Rest
M. C. A. Hogarth--”Breaths Long As Years”
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. The Retroactive Continuity”
Robert Bright--Richard Brown And The Dragon
Charles Larry--Peboan And Seegwun
Richard E. Albert--Alejandro’s Gift
K. Shivukumar--The King’s Choice: A Folktale From India
Lois Hobart--What Is A Whispery Secret?
Joanna Cole--Bony-Legs
Diane Vallere--Crushed Velvet
M. C. A. Hogarth--”Snow Maiden”
Amy Ehrlich & Hans Christian Andersen--The Snow Queen
Tomie de Paola--Strega Nona’s Magic Lessons
Katherine Paterson--The Tale Of The Mandarin Ducks
Anne Rockwell--When The Drum Sang
Allen Say--The Bicycle Man
Daniel M. Pinkwater & Tomie de Paola--The Wuggie Norple Story
Lesley Anne Ivory--Cats

Several artists-turned-authors here: Hogarth, de Paola, Ivory, McGuire--has anyone else read good things by artists who are also authors?
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Wondrous Winterthings to one and all!

Or, given the way it's looking, Hot fun in the summertime. ;)

On our walk, we just saw:

5 sunning turtles,
4 yellow sulfurs (butterflies!)
3 lee-zards (2 skink, 1 anole)
2 titmice, &
1 kingfisher caroling around.

All presided over by Goose-Gamesh (the resident Canada goose at the pond).

obLMB--It's 70 degrees fahrenheit today, & *that's just wrong!*

Tee hee hee.
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The album with the train station video is available for free download here:
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Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2016 20:55:11 -0600 (CST)
From: Lois Bujold
Subject: [LMB] 5GU music

This has been sloshing around the internet for some time, I'm sure, but
it's very like what I imagine some of those 5GU 5-voiced Temple choirs
to sound like.

There's another recording of the same in a train station with acoustics
like a Cedonian stone temple. Minus the PA system and the trains, natch.

Ta, L.

Kid Books

Dec. 13th, 2016 06:29 am
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Back in the spring, my bridesmaid & I got together for lunch. I wasn't sure what to do with her afterwards. Her allergies mean she wasn't up for a walk at the nature preserve, & she's so fidgety, she's got Restless Body Syndrome. ;)

She's a kindergarten teacher, & I have lots of extra credits over on, so I suggested ordering some books for her class. She gave specific searching parameters, & we ordered some things. So far, so fine.

But I'm the filkferengi, used to shopping for several people at once. At the next book sale, I started seriously checking out the kid books. It was a whole new revelation. Lots of the library book sales I go to had recently started raising their prices, to $2 for an adult hardback. That doesn't sound like much, but adds up quickly, & actually is a lot for a beat-up ex-library discard. The kid books, however, are still .25-.50 most places, which filled my frugal heart with acquisitive glee.

Bridesmaid Kim was very excited, too--at first. The first box was pounced upon with grateful glee, as was the second. By the third, she was getting a big glassy-eyed & starting to whimper. So, I quit buying for her, but that left me with lots of boxes potentially for me. There's the shelf in the hallway, the large box in the media room [formerly known as the book room], the two boxes in the living room, not to mention the tall stacks on the kitchen and coffee tables. Eep!

Still, finding all those made for a very fun spring and summer. It seems as if every author I like has written a kid's book: Jane Yolen, Jay Williams, et-extensive-cetera. Now I've discovered all kinds of groovy new authors, mostly artists: Jan Brett, Molly Brett, Steven Kellogg, Lesley Anne Ivory [cats!].

As I'm [very] gradually working through them, it's quite convenient. When ze spouse is watching a particularly news segment, it's the simplest thing in the world to reach down & read half a kid's book or so. If nothing else, it's certainly beefing up my monthly books-read total. Fun times in filkferengi town!
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Several compilations of Andre Norton works are free or .99 over on Kindle right now, over on The collections include 5, 7, 12, 14, or 15 works in one, as well as several individual works.

note: I don't know if that works for other countries or not.

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Every year on his blog, John Scalzi has a week of threads for holiday gift-giving. In his non-book thread, Elise Matthesen, the wonderfully creative jeweler who crafted the exquisite torque-of-many-nomination-pins that graces Lois McMaster Bujold on formal occasions, posted the following:

If you’re a Bujold fan, mention Winterfair when you make your order, and I will send you a free gift: a little planet pendant on sterling silver. (Lois saw them once and said, “Hey, those are like the planet pendants from my book!”)

For fans of Bujold or wonderful sparklies, it doesn't get much on-topic-er than that.


P. S. The main non-book gift thread is here: The other threads are on the other week-days of last week.
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It's that time of year again. I hope this helps.--filkferengi

The 2016 NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle - Curated by Kevin J. Anderson

If you're a writer, you know about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, every November when aspiring authors scramble to try to write the first draft of a new book in one month flat. There are challenge groups, sprint partners, lots of blogs, advice from writers.

Each year for NaNoWriMo, I curate a StoryBundle of books on various aspects of the craft and business of writing, and for 2016 I've got eleven titles—your complete toolkit for getting through NaNoWriMo and increasing your own writing knowledge.

This bundle is a real grad-level course on becoming a writer—just the inspiration and information you need, not just for NaNoWriMo but for your entire career.

As a bonus, if you are looking to build your computer toolkit for writers, this bundle includes 50% on Jutoh, Digital Publishing Made Easy, and 80% off Writer's Café software. Two apps that help you write and format your novel! – Kevin J. Anderson

The initial titles in the 2016 NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle (minimum $5 to purchase) are:

Drawing Out the Dragons by James A. Owen
The Science Fiction Professional by Mike Resnick
The Writer's Brainstorming Kit by Pam McCutcheon and Michael Waite
Managing Your Inner Artist/Writer by M.L. Buchman and M.L. Buchman
Closing the Deal on Your Terms by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Every Day Novelist: Business 101 by J. Daniel Sawyer
If you pay more than the bonus price of just $15, you get all four of the regular titles, plus six more. Also, you get coupon codes for 50% off Jutoh and 80% off Writer's Cafe, two incredible tools for you to create the book that's in your mind!

Pros and Cons by Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett
From Dreamer to Doer by Jude Wilhoff
Mastering Place and Setting in Your Writing by Eric Maisel
Killing the Top 10 Sacred Cows of Indie Publishing by Dean Wesley Smith
Write it Forward: From Writer to Successful Author by Bob Mayer
80% off Writer's Cafe! by Writer's Cafe
50% off Jutoh! by Jutoh

This bundle is available only for a limited time via It allows easy reading on computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as Kindle and other ereaders via file transfer, email, and other methods. You get multiple DRM-free formats (.epub and .mobi) for all books!

Read more.
– Jason
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Rowdy Celtic rock band Dust Rhinos have their albums up on cdbaby at $5 each to download. If you're missing any, it's the best way to fill the gap.

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After many years of talking about this story, I finally found it online. It's very short; wherever one stands on the discussion spectrum, this is a fun story to read.

If they implemented this, I don't know if it'd work or not, but it'd sure be fun to see them try. It's by Jack C. Haldeman II.
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