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Here's the 2016 portion of the newsletter I sent out this year.

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Herewith endeth Part The Second.
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Here's the 2015 portion of the newsletter I sent out this year.

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Herewith endeth Part The First.
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After a long decline, Marty’s mom left us. Two of her surviving sisters came to the funeral. While not exactly as one would wish to phrase it, hanging out with the aunts was lots of fun. It was good to have them there. Marty’s siblings opened up in ways they don’t usually; I think it helped to grieve as a family.

This fall, my dad Max turned 70 & insisted on a formal occasion with Marty’s family. He had a lady friend to introduce to us [the first to meet family since my mom‘s death nine years ago]. He feels better and more energetic than for many years.

We’re getting older, too. I didn’t notice last year, but 51 is definite menopause territory. I read fewer physical books these days, but buy as many, so that’s an issue. I do more online reading and watch more tv: crime shows, science, nature, history, & BookTV. I like more history; Marty prefers politics. We both enjoy snark.

Other fun online things definitely include Mark Oshiro‘s Mark Reads community. He reads books for the first time, & folks commission the videos. Epic flail ensues. I use them as audio books, re-reading along. He’s built a great community, with lots of cool insights and a wide variety of folks from all over the world.

I’m also still doing swapacd and paperbackswap, especially the latter’s program of donating books to schools.

Although not as frenzied as in former years, we’re still having holiday fun with friends. At the housefilk, we ate, sang, and chatted until well past midnight. This month there’s a handbell concert, an Atlanta Radio Theater Company Christmas, and the Celtic Christmas concert. We’ll be taking friends to that.

We’re well, happy, and hope you’re the same.

Happy New Year!


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The last couple of years, I’ve been going to more local conventions, which are experiencing a wonderful resurgence. Anachrocon is steampunk-themed; I spend most of my time at history panels. Ancient Egypt, pirates, swords, chocolate, and the jazz band make it a fun time. 221 B Con is all things Sherlock: movies, books, tv, pod casts, etc. There’re multiple panels on Basil Rathbone, let alone all the other cool stuff. Best of all, 85+% of the attendees are women! It’s rare [& delightful!] to find a space so fun, informative, & female-dominated. Then there’s TimeGate, the Dr. Who, Stargate, & other stuff con where our club has a table. We sell books & dvds [declutter my house, please!]. I don’t mind going across town. I can listen to music to & fro and, best of all, sleep in my own bed with a handsome man.

Last year, the cons were all great. I had that whole first-time thrill going on. The venue was near food I knew how to get to, the panels were great, & there was plenty of parking. This year, not so much. Snow kept folks I most wanted to see away, & the new venue for both cons was much further away. Parking was problematic at best, & there was no food nearby I knew how to get to. To make it extra special, the building was a rat maze of crowded corridors with no open socializing space. This year, one of the cons is in that same place; two are in a different venue. Guess which I’m going to?

Marty’s still reeling from the shock of two years of being on a winning baseball team called “The Cubs.”

Carrying on the theme of smaller, more local things, I’ve been going to more library book sales. In the larger counties, each branch has its own sales, instead of one central one. It’s a manageable adventure, this summer frequently with the Professora. We got in lots of walks & sales, amid spousal whimpering.

I had some fun outings with my bridesmaid. In spite of having nothing in common [she‘s restless & I‘m sedentary], we’ve been friends coming up on 40 years. This year we discovered bowling. She’s better at it mostly, but I make better jokes about being bathed by balmy breezes [gutter balls]. I even beat her one game! [89-102, 96-90]

Our cat Dolly succumbed to kidney failure in May. We went down to the Humane Society & hung out for a while. I fell in love with a tricolor calico, who liked us too. The catch is, she’s 10. Not that she shows it, being very long, lean, and springy. She came with the name Piper, so we have a literal pied Piper. Tee hee. She likes lounging on the footrest between knees and gets rather cat-tankerous when denied. She’s otherwise friendly and affectionate, albeit snorfly.
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2013 - 2014

A major highlight of last year was our nephew’s wedding. Not only did he marry a lovely, intelligent woman with lots of opinions, she’s also got a big family, so his life will always be full of interest. [They’re both lawyers, and both so tall! I love hanging out with them; I feel like a hobbit in a forest.] It was a lovely wedding. In spite of declining health, Marty’s mom was in good spirits, & we all had a great time.

Lots of ongoing things are still going on. GaFilk always rocks; I always tape all the concerts & hang out with friends. This year differed in that, instead of being able to hang out Sunday night, I had to leave early, due to jury duty that Monday. Sometimes Uncle Murphy loves me a bit too well. [Like the two big book sales I missed flying to Conflikt, or the nasty bronchitis I had for a over a week after getting home. Four nights of no sleep are not fun, but finally breathing without fizzing is a wondrous thing.]

I’ve stayed home during spring training the last couple of years, while Marty went to Arizona. Certain practical benefits accrue: he’s able to do lots more hiking and games, & I’m able to read lots & lots of books. Last year, being on his own, he was able to hike the Grand Canyon and spend the night at Phantom Ranch [it usually takes over a year to get a reservation]. He also hiked Hell’s Hole Canyon. This year, he hiked Bryce Canyon in the cold. I’m good for 5-6 miles on mostly flat terrain, not the 10+ uphill hikes Marty prefers. It’s a good thing I stayed home this year; I spent several days [& major budget] at the dentist on fillings, a crown, & a root canal.
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Whew! Now everyone's all caught up.

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Success; yay! Here's some more:

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I haven't done one of these in 3 years, so there's lots to catch up on. I'll break it up by year and hope the cut works.

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