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December, 2016
Seanan McGuire--”Fall Like Snow”
Delia James--By Familiar Means
Catherynne M. Valente--”The Beasts Who Fought For Fairyland Until The Very End And Further Still”
Kathleen Baldwin--”Dragons Of Tomorrow”
Cheryl Hollon--Shards Of Murder
Terry Pratchett--Jingo [reread--Mark Reads]
Diane Duane--A Wizard’s Dilemma [Mark Reads]
Marissa Lingen--“The Elf Who Thought He Was Teddy Roosevelt”
Peter Beagle--”The Story Of Kao Yu”
E. E. Cummings--Fairy Tales
Cheryl Hollon--Cracked To Death
Bronwen Ross--Mouse Mischief!
Candice F. Ransom--Jimmy Crack Corn
Rudyard Kipling--The Beginning Of The Armadilloes
Charles M. Schulz--Charlie Brown’s All-Stars
Charles M. Schulz--You’re In Love, Charlie Brown
Margaret Wise Brown--The Sailor Dog
Jennifer Crusie--Getting Rid Of Bradley [reread]
Jay Williams--The Silver Whistle
Alix E. Harrow--“The Autobiography Of A Traitor And A Half-Savage”
Alex Bledsoe--”The Key To The Coward’s Spell”
Brit Mandelo--”The Pigeon Summer”
Paul McAuley--”Something Happened Here, But We’re Not Quite Sure What It Was”
David Nickle--”The Caretakers”
Laurie Penny--”Your Orisons May Be Recorded”
Carrie Vaughn--”That Game We Played During The War”
Michael Reaves--”Requiem” [Dungeons & Dragons finale]
Cornelia Funke--Pirate Girl
Krystyna Turska--The Woodcutter’s Duck
John Scalzi, Roz Kaveney, Jo Walton, Laurie Penny--“A Trump Christmas Carol”
Carrie Vaughn--”The Thing About Growing Up In Jokertown”
Aileen Fisher--Rabbits, Rabbits
Lisa McCue--Sweet Dreams
James Skofield--Detective Dinosaur
Diane Vallere--Silk Stalking
Mercer Mayer--One Monster After Another
April Pulley Sayre--Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out!
Ursula Vernon--Summer In Orcus
Diane Vallere--Pillow Stalk
Catherine McLean--”Léon Gambetta & The Battle Of The Metro”
Catherine McLean--”The Frog Girl”
Catherine McLean--”Marionette”
Catherine McLean--”Fear Not”
Judith Tarr--”I Sing Of A Maiden”

That's a lot of short stories and short books, along with some novels. Very few of them are rereads, though. What fun new things is everyone reading?
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November, 2016

Catherine McLean--”Death And The Widow”
Susan Furlong--Peaches And Scream
Jonathan Carroll--”The Loud Table”
Diane Vallere--Suede To Rest
M. C. A. Hogarth--”Breaths Long As Years”
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. The Retroactive Continuity”
Robert Bright--Richard Brown And The Dragon
Charles Larry--Peboan And Seegwun
Richard E. Albert--Alejandro’s Gift
K. Shivukumar--The King’s Choice: A Folktale From India
Lois Hobart--What Is A Whispery Secret?
Joanna Cole--Bony-Legs
Diane Vallere--Crushed Velvet
M. C. A. Hogarth--”Snow Maiden”
Amy Ehrlich & Hans Christian Andersen--The Snow Queen
Tomie de Paola--Strega Nona’s Magic Lessons
Katherine Paterson--The Tale Of The Mandarin Ducks
Anne Rockwell--When The Drum Sang
Allen Say--The Bicycle Man
Daniel M. Pinkwater & Tomie de Paola--The Wuggie Norple Story
Lesley Anne Ivory--Cats

Several artists-turned-authors here: Hogarth, de Paola, Ivory, McGuire--has anyone else read good things by artists who are also authors?
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October, 2016

Elizabeth Partridge--Oranges On Golden Mountain
Tomie de Paola--26 Fairmount Avenue
Audrey Penn--Feathers & Fur
Bill Peet--Cyrus The Unsinkable Sea Serpent
John Langstaff--Oh, A-Hunting We Will Go
Catherine McLean--”Half Life”
Catherine McLean--”Alice‘s Adventures In Revolution”
Terry Pratchett--Hogfather [reread--Mark Reads]
Ardath Mayhar--”Watch-Cat”
Ink-splotch--”I was so tall” [Narnia fanfic]
Ink-splotch--”There comes a point where Susan” [Narnia fanfic]
Russian_blue--”Majesty” [Narnia fanfic]
Gisho--”Went Forth Unconquered” [Narnia fanfic]
Jo Walton--”The worst of it was” [Narnia fanfic]
Ursula Vernon--”Elegant And Fine” [Narnia fanfic]
Minutia_R--”Till Things Are Brighter” [Bujold fanfic]
fawatson--”Reception” [Bujold fanfic]
Kelly Robson--”The Eye Of The Swan”
H. H. Munro--”Sredni Vashtar”
Deborah Nourse Lattimore--The Dragon’s Robe
Deborah Nourse Lattimore--The Flame Of Peace
Jack Haldeman--”We, The People”
Sarah McCarry--”Blue Is A Darkness Weakened By Light”
Delia James--A Familiar Tail
Edward Lear--The Owl & The Pussycat & Other Nonsense Poems [illustrated by Michael Hague]
Ana_a_ana--”Ash In The Blood” [Bujold fanfic]
Tasha Alexander--A Fatal Waltz
Sharon Lee--”The Road To Pomona’s”
Charlie Jane Anders--”Clover”

Looks like the Bujold fanfic partied with the Narnia fanfic & lots of kids books. What else has everyone been reading?
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September, 2016

Spider Robinson--”Two Heads Are Better Than One” [reread--Mark Reads]
Tasha Tudor--Favorite Stories
Joan Aiken--The Monkey’s Wedding & Other Stories
Duffy Brown--Geared For The Grave
Paul Cornell--”Don’t You Worry, You Aliens”
Danielle Hart--”Mutual Affection” [Pride & Prejudice fanfic]
Danielle Hart--”Nightmares” [Kou & Drou fanfic]
Danielle Hart--”The New Middle-Class Married Life” [Kou & Drou fanfic]
Georgia Perez--Through The Eyes Of The Eagle
Tomie de Paola--Strega Nona
Tomie de Paola--Big Anthony And The Magic Ring
Tomie de Paola--Helga’s Dowry
Tomie de Paola--The Baby Sister
Bonnie Carey--Grasshopper To The Rescue
Heidi Petach--Goldilocks And The Three Hares
Rebecca Campbell--”The High Lonesome Frontier”
Patricia Wentworth--Eternity Ring
Catherine McLean--”Between The Seams”
Catherine McLean--”The Judgment Of [Elaine Of] Paris”
Frances Ward Weller--Madaket Millie
Trosclair & James Rice--Cajun Night Before Christmas
a_t_rain--”Mike Adams, Justina Vorrutyer, and Wyx Hargraves, Authors Of Macbeth” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”We That Are Young” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Protective Coloration” [Bujold fanfic] [reread]
a_t_rain--”Fidele” [Bujold fanfic] [reread]
a_t_rain--”And Cry ‘Content‘ To That Which Grieves My Heart” [Bujold fanfic]
Vanessa Julian-Ottie--Sebastian Explores
a_t_rain--”Hostage Negotiation Is The Family Business” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”We‘re All Mad Here” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent” [Bujold fanfic] [reread]
a_t_rain--”Burying Baron Burr” [Bujold fanfic]
Philomytha--”A Bit Of A Loose Screw” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Cold Case” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Dirty Angel” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”The Fast-Penta Test” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Loyalty” [Bujold fanfic]
Minutia_R--”The Mutant Bridegroom” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Lessons In Self-Defense” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Magnetism And Gravitation” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”A Bit Too Much Good Work” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Cheating” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”On A Cold Planet” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Impostor” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Diamonds And Hearts” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Three Conversations Donna Vorrutyer Had About Bisexuality” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Give My Regards To Brodsky” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Cargo” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Ordinary” [Bujold fanfic]
Nancy Willard--Simple Pictures Are Best
Jay Williams--One Big Wish
a_t_rain--”A Brief History Of Pornography In The Imperial Security Service” [Bujold fanfic]
avanti_90--”Better Than Running Away” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor‘s …” [Bujold fanfic]
a_t_rain--”Acknowledged Bastards” [Bujold fanfic]
Jean Flowers (Camille Minichino)--Death Takes Priority
Carol J. Perry--Tails, You Lose
Diane Duane--A Wizard Abroad [reread--Mark Reads]
Gwynne Powell--”Gift Of The Gods” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Glimpses After A Campaign” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Victory” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Security Report” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Explanations” [Bujold fanfic]
Gwynne Powell--”Duty Calls” [Bujold fanfic]
N. K. Jemisin--”The City Born Great”

My word, that's quite the collection of quality Bujold fanfic, right there!
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August, 2016

Tasha Tudor--Tasha Tudor’s Book Of Fairy Tales
E. Nesbit--Long Ago When I Was Young
Val Schaffner--Algonquin Cat
Judith Tarr--“Chrysalis” [Alamut story]
Catherine McLean--”The Blind Girl Of Castel Cuille”
Nina Allan--”The Art Of Space Travel”
Tomie de Paola--Strega Nona: Her Story
Ursula Vernon--Castle Hangnail
Ursula Vernon--Hamster Princess: Of Mice And Magic
Diane Duane--High Wizardry [reread--Mark Reads]
Lt Joe Jebkanto--”Trading Places” [Alien Nation fanfic]
Lt Joe Jebkanto--”All The Right Words” [Alien Nation fanfic]
Lt Joe Jebkanto--”Seeds Of Yesterday” [Alien Nation fanfic]
Nancy Atherton--Aunt Dimity And The Buried Treasure
Terry Pratchett--Feet Of Clay [reread--Mark Reads]
Krista Davis--Murder Most Howl
L. Leslie Brooke--Johnny Crow’s Party
Lavinia R. Davis--Danny’s Luck
Scott Washburn--”One Enchanted Evening” [Bujold fanfic]
Scott Washburn--”Keepsake” [Bujold fanfic re-read]
Elizabeth Barrette--”Get Over That Old Doubt”
A. A. Milne--”A Matter-Of-Fact Fairy Tale”
Christine Trent--Lady Of Ashes
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller--”Guaranteed Delivery”
Cheryl Hollon--Pane And Suffering
Randall Jarrell--The Bat-Poet
Selve Maas & Peggy Hoffmann--The Sea Wedding & Other Stories From Estonia
Catherine McLean--”Worth More Than Silver”
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. Going Home Again” [re-read]
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. Everything You Ever Wanted”
Page McBrier--Beatrice’s Goat
Valerie Wesley--Freedom’s Gifts: A Juneteenth Story
Valerie Flournoy--The Patchwork Quilt
Robert D. SanSouci--The Faithful Friend
Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen--Elizabeti’s Doll

That's very varied, right there! What have y'all been reading, in or from unusual places?
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July, 2016

Lea Wait--Threads Of Evidence
Catherine McLean--Lots & Lots of Political Posts
Karen Lynn Williams--Galimoto
Ursula Vernon--Digger Volume 1
Emily Dickinson--Poetry For Young People
Diane Duane--”Uptown Local” [Mark Reads]
Spider Robinson--”The Centipede’s Dilemma” [Mark Reads]
Patricia Wentworth--Fingerprint
Louise Borden--Caps, Hats, Socks, And Mittens
Wanda Gag--Millions Of Cats
Bonnie Lass & Philemon Sturges--Who Took The Cookies From The Cookie Jar?
Elizabeth Coatsworth--The Noble Doll
Miska Miles--Somebody’s Dog
Diane Taylor--A Scoundrel Breeze
Jane Werner, ed.--The Tall Book of Make-Believe
Seanan McGuire--”Long Way Down”
Lea Wait--Shadows On A Cape Cod Wedding
Jane Yolen--How Do Dinosaurs Learn To Read?
Jane Yolen--How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
Adam Gamble & Joe Veno--Good Night, Boston
Adam Gamble & Joe Veno--Good Night, Washington, D. C.
Lea Wait--Shadows On A Maine Christmas
Jane Yolen--Owl Moon
Louisa May Alcott--An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
Tomie DePaola--Tomie’s Little Book Of Poems
Maurice Sendak--Where The Wild Things Are
Deborah M. Newton Chocolate--Spider And The Sky God
Dennis Danvers--”Once More Into The Abyss”
Laura Bradford--Jury Of One
Jeremy Whitley--Princeless Volume 1: Save Yourself
Jeremy Whitley--Princeless Volume 2: Get Over Yourself
Jeremy Whitley--Princeless: Short Stories
Mem Fox--Night Noises
Helen E. Buckley--Grandmother And I
Danielle Hart--”Nancy Drew & The Hassled Heiress”
Glinda--”Feather On The Nile” [Mummy fanfic]
Zdenka--”Persephone Departs”
Connie Archer--A Spoonful Of Murder
Margaree King Mitchell--Uncle Jed’s Barbershop
Tomie de Paola--Four Stories For Four Seasons
Arnold Lobel--Ming Lo Moves The Mountain
Eve Bunting--The Valentine Bears
Molly Brett--The Forgotten Bear
Ursula Vernon--Nurk
Chris Duffy, ed.--Fairy Tale Comics
Catherine McLean--”Music Of The Spheres”
Tasha Tudor--Pumpkin Moonshine
Tasha Tudor--A Is For Annabelle
Tasha Tudor--The Springs Of Joy
Tomie de Paola--Strega Nona Meets Her Match
Margaret Hodges--Saint George & The Dragon
Graham Greene--The Little Steamroller
Gerald McDermott--Raven

Well, *that* was certainly a fun and interesting mix!
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Eve Bunting--The Night Tree
Margaret Mahy--The Seven Chinese Brothers
Jane Yolen--Old Dame Counterpane
Holly Hobbie--Toot & Puddle
Margaret Kahn Garaway--The Old Hogan
Molly Brett--Tom Tit Moves House
Tasha Tudor--1 Is One
Seanan McGuire--Pocket Apocalypse
Seanan McGuire--Chaos Choreography
x_los--”Gentle Antidote” [Wimsey/Harriet soulmate AU]
Tomie dePaola--The Clown Of God
Kurt Cyrus--Oddhopper Opera: A Bug’s Garden Of Verses
Munro Leaf--The Story Of Ferdinand
Joanne Ryder--The Snail’s Spell
Claire Llewellyn--Whose Footprints?
Judith Tarr--”Tax Season”
Lesley Anne Ivory--The Birthday Cats
Steven Kellogg--A Rose For Pinkerton
Jane Yolen--Welcome To The Sea Of Sand
Eve Bunting--No Nap
Tasha Tudor & Clement Moore--The Night Before Christmas
Steven Kellogg--Pinkerton, Behave!
Dr. Seuss--One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Joan Aiken--The Way To Write For Children
astolat--”Nice Work If You Can Get It” [I Robot slashfic]
Barbara Rogasky, ed.--Winter Poems
Doris Orgel--Button Soup
Joanne Oppenheim--”Not Now!” Said The Cow
Tamara Kitt--The Boy, The Cat, And The Magic Fiddle
Doug Cushman--Inspector Hopper
Else Holmelund Minarik--Father Bear Comes Home
Susan Varley--Badger’s Parting Gifts
George Mendoza--The Crack In The Wall & Other Terribly Weird Tales
Walter Wangerin, Jr.--Elisabeth And The Water-Troll
Carol Carrick--Old Mother Witch
Elsa Beskow--Children Of The Forest
Else Holmelund Minarik--Little Bear’s Friend
Nina Shackelford--Bird Nests
Jan Brett--The Mitten
Laura Numeroff--If You Give A Cat A Cupcake
Laura Numeroff--If You Give A Dog A Donut
Laura Numeroff--If You Give Moose A Muffin
Robert N. Munsch--The Paperbag Princess
Mike Resnick--”Royal Bloodlines”
Lawrence Schimel--”Take Back The Night”
Harry Turtledove--”Typecasting”
Diane Duane--Deep Wizardry [reread--Mark Reads]
Wallace Tripp--Sir Toby Jingle’s Beastly Journey
Tomie dePaola--Now One Foot, Now The Other
Michele Maria Surat--Angel Child, Dragon Child
Audrey Osofsky--My Buddy
Shari Halpern--My River
J. Moria Stephens--Persephone The Ladybug
Joan Aiken--Past Eight O’Clock
Scott McCloud--Reinventing Comics
Ruth and Latrobe Carroll--The Christmas Kitten
C. W. Anderson--The Rumble Seat Pony
Anonymous--The Wand Of Siora The Wise [Dungeons & Dragons cartoon fanfic]
Jan Brett--The Hat
Terry Pratchett--Maskerade [reread--Mark Reads]
Nancy Luenn--Song For The Ancient Forest
Kathryn Lasky--Sea Swan
Scott McCloud--Sculptor
Beverly Brodsky McDermott--The Golem: A Jewish Legend
Carol Carrick--Paul’s Christmas Birthday
Conrad Aiken--Tom, Sue, And The Clock
Diane Duane--”Theobroma” [Mark Reads]
Lea Wait--Shadows Of A Down East Summer
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Lesley Anne Ivory--Glorious Cats
Lesley Anne Ivory--Meet My Cats
Lesley Anne Ivory--Cats And Carols
Diane Duane--So You Want To Be A Wizard [reread--Mark Reads]
Terry Pratchett--Interesting Times [reread--Mark Reads]
Lea Wait--Twisted Thread
Spider Robinson--”The Guy With The Eyes” [reread--Mark Reads]
Spider Robinson--”The Time Traveler” [reread--Mark Reads]
Catherine McLean--”The Right To Mount The Scaffold”
Theodora Goss--”Red As Blood And White As Bone”
Lea Wait--Shadows At The Spring Show
Daniel D. Skwire, F. S. A.--”Actuarial Issues In The Novels Of Jane Austen”
Judith Tarr--”Cat And Jackal”
Ursula Vernon--Hamster Princess: Harriet The Invincible
Barbara Michaels--”The Runaway”
Elizabeth Peters--”The Locked Tomb Mystery”
Donna Andrews--”Cold Spell”
Mary Jane Maffini--”Cocktails With The Corpse”
Dean James--”All In The Family”
Donna Andrews--”The Birthday Dinner”
Dean James--”The Village Vampire And The Oboe Of Death”
Marie Brennan--In The Labyrinth Of Drakes
Carol J. Perry--Caught Dead-Handed
Jane Yolen--How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
Paul Galdone--Over In The Meadow
John Patience--Sigmund’s Birthday Surprise
Kevin Henkes--Julius, The Baby Of The World
Nancy Walker-Guye--Merry Christmas, Little Mouse
Mary Edwards--Australian Bush Animals
Haruo Yamashita--The Mouse Family Go To The Beach
Arnold Lobel--The Rose In My Garden
Audrey Penn--A Pocket Full Of Kisses
Phil Brucato--Mage: The Ascension
Margery Cuyler--The Biggest, Best Snowman
Edward Lear & Jan Brett--The Owl And The Pussycat
Jane Yolen--How Do Dinosaurs Learn To Read?
Catherine McLean--”Best Served Cold”
Joan Aiken--The Kingdom Under The Sea
Tomie dePaola--The Legend Of The Bluebonnet
Gale Cooper--One Unicorn
Demi--One Grain Of Rice
Barbara Cooney--Miss Rumphius
William Steig--Doctor DeSoto
Lesley Anne Ivory--Cats In The Sun
Seanan McGuire--”Swamp Bromeliad” [reread]
Seanan McGuire--”Waking Up In Vegas”
Dennis Danvers--”Orphan Pirates Of The Spanish Main”
Steven Kellogg--Tallyho, Pinkerton!
Steven Kellogg--Prehistoric Pinkerton

As Gary McKee, a former local DJ, used to say, that list is, "All right, mighty fine!"
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March, 2016

Ursula Vernon--”Pocosin”
Ursula Vernon--”Wooden Feathers”
Mary Robinette Kowal--”Midnight Hour”
Tasha Alexander--And Only To Deceive
Tamora Pierce--Reddit AMA
Seanan McGuire--Reddit AMA
Charles Finlay--”The Political Officer”
Katharine Kerr--License To Ensorcell
Terry Pratchett--Soul Music [reread--Mark Reads]
Krista Davis--The Ghost And Mrs. Mewer
Lea Wait--Shadows On The Ivy
Elizabeth Stowe--”Desuma’s Way” [Chalion fanfic novel]
Genevieve Valentine--The Girls Of The Kingfisher Club
Tamora Pierce--Google + AMA
Tamora Pierce--Battle Magic [reread--Mark Reads]
Catherine McLean--”Welcome To Mount Parnassus”
Cable69--”Transported: The Healer”
Labellementeuse--”And Remember Who I Am”
AlyoraShadow--”Would You Like Some Lightning With Your Soup?”
Grim_lupine--”Conflict Resolution”
Grim_lupine--”Welcome Silence”
Elizabeth Moon--Remnant Population [reread]
Dirgewithoutmusic--”In The Very Palm Of Your Hand”
Dirgewithoutmusic--”The Things You Carry”
Dirgewithoutmusic--”Ah, To Be A Thing Worth Loving”
Dirgewithoutmusic--”The Small”
Kate Elliott--”Writing Women Characters Into Epic Fantasy Without Quotas”
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. Going Home Again”
Diane Duane--”During Their Morning Rituals” [Young Wizards]
Daniel Friend--”Honors 300R Ethnography: The Denizens Of Leading Edge”
Sherwood Smith--”Commando Bats”

April, 2016

Barbara Ross--Boiled Over
Catherine McLean--”The Un-Drowned Princess”
Unpretty--”Empty Graves” [Martha Kent fanfic]
Eve Rice--Once In A Wood
Catherine McLean--”The Hair Loom”
Marie Brennan--”From The Editorial Page Of The Falchester Weekly Review” [a Lady Trent Story]
Jane Yolen--The Last Dragon
Ursula Vernon--”The Tomato Thief”
Ursula Vernon--”Jackalope Wives”
Catherine McLean--”Javert’s Mercy”
Ursula Vernon--”Bluebeard’s Wife”
Hope Larson--Mercury
Ursula Vernon--”Never”
Ursula Vernon--”Elegant And Fine”
Ursula Vernon--”The Wolf & The Woodsman”
Ursula Vernon--”The Dryad’s Shoe”
Carrie Vaughn--”Origin Story”
Ursula Vernon--”Godmother”
Ursula Vernon--”Telling The Bees”
Ursula Vernon--”Razorback”
Lois McMaster Bujold--Answers 200 Questions on Goodreads
Colin Eisler & Lesley Anne Ivory--Cats Know Best
Jack Nicholls--”Dune Time”
Rosie Reeve--Lullaby Moon
Alyssa Satin Capucilli--Good Morning, Pond
Bill Martin, Jr. & Michael Sampson--Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Waking Up?
Dolly Parton--Coat Of Many Colors
Foz Meadows--”Gentleman Jole and the Vorkosigan Saga: Thoughts”
Catherine McLean--”Most High, Most Potent And Most Excellent Prince”
Seanan McGuire--”Ye Highlands And Ye Lowlands”
Tasha Alexander--A Poisoned Season

That's a whole lot of Ursula Vernon, right there! Most of those stories are up on her website, for free. Whee! It's also a lot of fanfic & interviews. I'm trying to give myself credit for things I actually do. It's important to do that.
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January, 2016
Seanan McGuire--”The Ghosts Of Bourbon Street” [reread]
Seanan McGuire--”Snake In The Glass”
Georgette Heyer--The Toll Gate [reread]
Lea Wait--Shadows At The Fair
Catherine McLean--”The Garden Door”
Tamora Pierce--Melting Stones [reread--Mark Reads]
Terry Pratchett--Men At Arms [reread--Mark Reads]
Lea Wait--Shadows On The Coast Of Maine
Sharon Lee--”The Wolf’s Bride”
Catherine McLean--”The Girl, The Gold, & The Goblins”
Eva Gates--By Book Or By Crook
Melissa Marr--”The Maiden Thief”

February, 2016
Krista Davis--Murder, She Barked
Nora Roberts--Risky Business
Aaron Allston--”Demonized”
Tel--”The Short Victorious Vor” [Miles/Honor Harrington fic]
Garth Nix--Newt’s Emerald
Catherine McLean--”Clemenceau In The Underworld”
Catherine McLean--”Saint Denis And The Basil”
Barbara Ross--Clammed Up
Lois McMaster Bujold--Gentleman Jole And The Red Queen
Elliott James--Charming
Catherine McLean--”Sempre Camellia”
Seanan McGuire--”Swamp Bromeliad”
Sharon Lee--”Will-o’-The-Wisp”
Catherine McLean--”Collaborations [Pasteur]”
Seanan McGuire--”Velveteen Vs. The Consequences Of Her Actions”
Lois McMaster Bujold--Gentleman Jole And The Red Queen [reread]

This year started a trend that has continued: I'm reading lots of short fiction. There's some fan fiction and lots of original fiction, mostly friends or from Novels tend to be mostly mystery or science fiction/fantasy. That much author awesome augurs auspiciously. [weg]
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