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September, 2012
Nancy A. Collins--Left Hand Magic
Loretta Chase--The English Witch
Ben Aaronovitch--Moon Over Soho
Louise Penny--Still Life

October, 2012
Caroline Goodman--Arcadia Falls
Langston Hughes--I, Too, Am America
Stephanie Burgis--Kat, Incorrigible
Nora Roberts--The Witness
Kay Hooper--C. J.’s Fate
Carla Kelly--Marian’s Christmas Wish
Carla Kelly--Mrs. McVinnie’s London Season
Diane Farr--Once Upon A Christmas

November, 2012
Sharon Shinn--Jenna Starborn
Louise Penny--A Fatal Grace
Fran Stewart--Orange As Marmalade
Lois McMaster Bujold--Captain VorPatril’s Alliance
Jeanne Glidewell--Leave No Stone Unturned
Jane Tesh--Stolen Hearts
Shanna Swendson--Love’s Best Friend
Megan Whalen Turner--The King Of Attolia [reread]
Megan Whalen Turner--A Conspiracy Of Kings
Mary Jo Putney--Mischief And Mistletoe
Kerry Greenwood--Cooking The Books [reread]
Carolyn Hart--What The Cat Saw

December, 2012
Agatha Christie--Easy To Kill
Rita Mae Brown--Sneaky Pie For President
Mary Balogh--A Christmas Promise
Alvin Schwartz--Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
Fran Stewart--Yellow As A Legal Pad
Monica Ferris--Blackwork
Monica Ferris--Buttons & Bones
Monica Ferris--Threadbare
Joe Casey--Avengers: The Origin
J. Michael Straczynski--Thor Volume 1
Georgette Heyer--The Reluctant Widow [reread]
Julia Cunningham--Oaf
Julia Cunningham--The Treasure Is The Rose
Jeanne Glidewell--The Extinguished Guest
Mary Moody--A Killing In Antiques
Jane Tesh--Mixed Signals
Darwyn Cooke--DC: The New Frontier Volume 1
Beth Bernobich--Fox & Phoenix
Fran Stewart--Green As A Garden Hose
Mike W. Barr & Brian Bolland--Camelot 3000
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July, 2012
Vivian Vande Velde--Wizard At Work
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller--Necessary Evils
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller--Allies
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller--Dragon Tide
Catherine Aird--The Religious Body
J. B. Stanley--Black Beans And Vice
Patricia Wentworth--The Catherine-Wheel
David Weber--A Beautiful Friendship
Helen Goodman--Toxic Waste
Patricia Wentworth--Miss Silver Comes To Stay
Andy Runton--Owly Volume 5
Andy Runton--Owly Volume 3
Susan Cain--Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
Catherine Gilbert Murdock--Princess Ben
Andy Runton--Owly Volume 2
Loretta Chase--Isabella
Elizabeth Craig--Quilt Or Innocence
Lisa Harris--Recipe For Murder

August, 2012
Jan O’Donnell Klaveness--The Keeper Of The Light
Anita Higman--Another Hour To Kill
Mary Connealy--Of Mice And Murder
Mary Connealy--Pride & Pestilence
Mary Connealy--The Mice Man Cometh
Ben Aaronovitch--Midnight Riot
Nancy Mehl--In The Dead Of Winter
Nancy Mehl--Bye Bye Bertie
Nancy Mehl--For Whom The Wedding Bell Tolls
Rita Mae Brown--The Big Cat Nap
D. E. Stevenson--Miss Buncle’s Book
D. E. Stevenson--Miss Buncle Married
Jo Beverley & others--A Regency Valentine
Charles Finlay--Wild Things
Dorothy Canfield Fisher--And Long Remembered
Nora Roberts--Search For Love
Nancy A. Collins--Right Hand Magic
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May, 2012
C. C. Benison--Twelve Drummers Drumming
Mary Jo Putney--The Marriage Spell [reread]
Moira J. Kelly--Resenting The Hero
Merrie Haskell--The Princess Curse
Kerry Greenwood--Cocaine Blues [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Flying Too High [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Murder On The Ballarat Train [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Death At Victoria Dock [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--The Green Mill Murder [reread]

June, 2012
Kerry Greenwood--Cooking The Books
Kerry Greenwood--Earthly Delights [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Heavenly Pleasures [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Devil’s Food [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Trick Or Treat [reread]
Kerry Greenwood--Forbidden Fruit [reread]
J. B. Stanley--Stiffs And Swine
Gavin deBecker--The Gift Of Fear
J. B. Stanley--The Battered Body
Catherine Aird--A Most Contagious Game
Helen Goodman--The Blue Goose Is Dead
Geoffrey Trease--A Flight Of Angels
Andy Runton--Owly Volume 1
Susan Fox--Love, Unexpectedly
Mary Balogh---A Christmas Bride
Patricia Wentworth--The Brading Collection
Jill Shalvis--Double Play
Andy Runton--Owly Volume 4
Marcia Williams--Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare!
Jan O’Donnell Klaveness--The Griffin Legacy
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March, 2012
Dean James--Closer Than The Bones
Dean James--Death By Dissertation
Camille Minichino--The Beryllium Murder
J. B. Stanley--Fit To Die
Ali Brandon--Double Booked For Death
Joyce & Jim Lavene--The Telltale Turtle
Seanan McGuire--Discount Armageddon
Nora Roberts--Dance Upon The Air
Nora Roberts--Heaven And Earth
Nora Roberts--Face The Fire
Susan Wittig Albert--Cat’s Claw
Camille Minichino--The Boric Acid Murder

April, 2012
Peter Dickinson--Chuck And Danielle
Camille Minichino--The Carbon Murder
Camille Minichino--The Nitrogen Murder
Seanan McGuire--”The Flower Of Arizona”, “One Hell Of A Ride”, “No Place Like Home”
Camille Minichino--The Oxygen Murder
J. B. Stanley--Chili Con Corpses
Richard Brookhiser--Rules Of Civility
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Hey, look--only a year behind!

Juliet Marillier--Heart’s Blood
Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald--The High King’s Daughter
Dean James--Decorated To Death
Dean James--Baked To Death
Margaret Grace [Camille Minichino]--Malice In Miniature
Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer--Wild Ride
J. B. Stanley--A Deadly Dealer
Mercedes Lackey--The Sleeping Beauty
Camille Minichino--The Helium Murder
Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum--Unshelved Volume 8
J. M. de Matteis--Abadazad 1: Road To Inconceivable
Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum--Unshelved Volume 1 [reread]
Juliet Marillier--Daughter Of The Forest
Nora Roberts--Courting Catherine
Nora Roberts--A Man For Amanda
Nora Roberts--For The Love Of Lilah
Joyce & Jim Lavene--A Timely Vision

February, 2012
Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum--Unshelved Volume 2: What Would Dewey Do?
Nora Roberts--Suzanna’s Surrender
Nora Roberts--Megan’s Mate
Dean James--Cruel As The Grave
Juliet Marillier--Wildwood Dancing
Joyce & Jim Lavene--A Touch Of Gold
Camille Minichino--The Lithium Murder
Joan Aiken--The Monkey’s Wedding And Other Stories
Joyce & Jim Lavene--A Spirited Gift
J. B. Stanley--Carbs And Cadavers
Jenn McKinlay--Books Can Be Deceiving


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