Sep. 4th, 2010 11:28 pm
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Gerald Morris--The Ballad Of Sir Dinadan
Stella Bagwell--Twins Under The Tree
Jo Beverley--Christmas Angel
Mercedes Lackey--Gwenhwyfar
Elsie Lee--The Nabob’s Widow--reread
Lisa Kleypas--Smooth Talking Stranger
Gerald Morris--The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot The Great
Gerald Morris--The Adventures Of Sir Givret The Short
Joel Shepherd--Crossover


Sep. 4th, 2010 11:26 pm
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Debbie Macomber--Return To Promise
Debbie Macomber--Mail-Order Bride
Debbie Macomber--The Cowboy’s Lady
Debbie Macomber--The Sheriff Takes A Wife
Debbie Macomber--Marriage Of Inconvenience
Joan Medlicott--The Ladies Of Covington Send Their Love
Dirk Wales--A Lucky Dog
Joanne Fluke--Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
Debbie Macomber--Stand-In Wife
Debbie Macomber--Bride On The Loose
Debbie Macomber--Same Time, Next Year
Debbie Macomber--Silver Bells
Gerald Morris--Parsifal’s Page
Sherryl Woods--Perfect Holiday
Robyn Carr--Under The Christmas Tree


Sep. 4th, 2010 11:23 pm
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Sue Ann Jaffarian--Thugs And Kisses
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller--Fledgling
Kaitlyn Dunnett--Kilt Dead--reread
Kaitlyn Dunnett--Scone Cold Dead
Debbie Macomber--Mrs. Miracle
Sue Ann Jaffarian--Love At Large
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller--Misfits
Debbie Macomber--Lonesome Cowboy
Debbie Macomber--Texas Two-Step
Debbie Macomber--Caroline’s Child
Debbie Macomber--Dr. Texas
Debbie Macomber--Nell’s Cowboy
Debbie Macomber--Lone Star Baby
Debbie Macomber--Promise, Texas
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Rick Riordan--The Titan’s Curse
Rick Riordan--Battle Of The Labyrinth
Elaine Fox--Guys And Dogs
Yasmine Galenorn--Ghost Of A Chance
Patrick Thomas--Fairy With A Gun
Sue Ann Jaffarian--Too Big To Miss
Nora Roberts--A Little Magic
Sue Ann Jaffarian--Curse Of The Holy Pail
Diana Wynne Jones--House Of Many Ways
Amanda Quick--Second Sight

Sue Ann Jaffarian rocks!
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Lois McMaster Bujold--Sharing Knife: Passage--reread
Lois McMaster Bujold--Sharing Knife: Horizon--reread
Roxanne J. Coady--The Book That Changed My Life--nonfiction
Kasey Michaels--Maggie By The Book
Debbie Macomber--Susannah’s Garden
Jennifer Estep--Jinx
Mercedes Lackey--The Good Knight
Mercedes Lackey--The Snow Queen--reread
Tanya Huff--Enchantment Emporium
Gerald Morris--The Savage Damsel And The Dwarf
Kasey Michaels--Love To Love You, Baby
Kasey Michaels--Be My Baby Tonight

Tanya Huff is made of a)awesome and b)win. I'm so excited there'll be a sequel to _Enchantment Emporium!
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Lorna Barrett--Murder Is Binding
Debbie Macomber--16 Lighthouse Road
Debbie Macomber--204 Rosewood Lane
Debbie Macomber--311 Pelican Court
Debbie Macomber--44 Cranberry Point
Debbie Macomber--50 Harbor Street
Debbie Macomber--6 Rainier Drive
Mary Kruger--Died In The Wool
Lorna Barrett--Bookmarked For Death
Casey Daniels--The Chick And The Dead
Susan Wittig Albert--Wormwood
Martine Leavitt--Keturah And Lord Death
Rita Mae Brown--Santa Clawed
Debbie Macomber--74 Seaside Avenue
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Nancy Atherton--Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter--reread
Nancy Atherton--Aunt Dimity Slays The Dragon
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller--Eidolon, Liaden Chapbook 14
Casey Daniels--Don Of The Dead
Debbie Macomber--The Shop On Blossom Street
Mercedes Lackey--By The Sword--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Winds Of Fate--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Winds Of Change--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Winds Of Fury--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Storm Warning--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Storm Rising--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Storm Breaking--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Owlflight--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Owlsight--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Owl Knight--reread
Debbie Macomber--A Good Yarn
Debbie Macomber--Back On Blossom Street
Debbie Macomber--Twenty Wishes
Linda Stewart--Sam The Cat Detective
Jennifer Crusie--Cinderella Deal--reread
Mary Ellen Hughes--Resort To Murder [ditch sequel A Taste Of Death]
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March [note: this included 8 days in Arizona for ze spouse's annual spring training {baseball} pilgrimage]

Mercedes Lackey--Moving Targets [Valdemar anthology]
Sherwood Smith--Court Duel
Sherwood Smith--Crown Duel
Mary Ellen Hughes--Wreath Of Deception
Mary Ellen Hughes--String Of Lies
Mercedes Lackey--Exile’s Honor--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Exile’s Valor--reread
Mercedes Lackey--It Takes A Thief--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Arrows Of The Queen--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Arrow’s Flight--reread
Mercedes Lackey--Arrow’s Fall--reread
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Denise Little--Witch High [anthology]
Jennifer Crusie, et. al.--Dogs & Goddesses
Carole Nelson Douglas--A Dreamspun Christmas [anth.]
Lois McMaster Bujold--Sharing Knife: Passage--reread
Lois McMaster Bujold--Sharing Knife: Horizon
Elsie Lee--The Nabob’s Widow
Elsie Lee--Prior Betrothal
Elsie Lee--Second Season
Georgette Heyer--Frederica--reread
Nora Roberts--Blue Dahlia
Nora Roberts--Black Rose
Nora Roberts--Red Lily
Mary Jo Putney--Marriage Spell--reread
Lois Stewart--A Marriage Of Convenience
Elsie Lee--Satan’s Coast
Elsie Lee--Silence Is Golden
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Madeleine E. Robins--Point Of Honor
Tamora Pierce--Melting Stones
Linnea Sinclair--Games Of Command
Linnea Sinclair--The Down Home Zombie Blues
Linnea Sinclair--Gabriel’s Ghost
Agatha Christie--Halloween Party
Madeleine E. Robins--Petty Treason
Sarah Beth Durst--Into The Wild
Mark Del Franco--Unshapely Things
Joan Hess--Strangled Prose
Jim C. Hines--Stepsister Scheme


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