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December, 2016
Seanan McGuire--”Fall Like Snow”
Delia James--By Familiar Means
Catherynne M. Valente--”The Beasts Who Fought For Fairyland Until The Very End And Further Still”
Kathleen Baldwin--”Dragons Of Tomorrow”
Cheryl Hollon--Shards Of Murder
Terry Pratchett--Jingo [reread--Mark Reads]
Diane Duane--A Wizard’s Dilemma [Mark Reads]
Marissa Lingen--“The Elf Who Thought He Was Teddy Roosevelt”
Peter Beagle--”The Story Of Kao Yu”
E. E. Cummings--Fairy Tales
Cheryl Hollon--Cracked To Death
Bronwen Ross--Mouse Mischief!
Candice F. Ransom--Jimmy Crack Corn
Rudyard Kipling--The Beginning Of The Armadilloes
Charles M. Schulz--Charlie Brown’s All-Stars
Charles M. Schulz--You’re In Love, Charlie Brown
Margaret Wise Brown--The Sailor Dog
Jennifer Crusie--Getting Rid Of Bradley [reread]
Jay Williams--The Silver Whistle
Alix E. Harrow--“The Autobiography Of A Traitor And A Half-Savage”
Alex Bledsoe--”The Key To The Coward’s Spell”
Brit Mandelo--”The Pigeon Summer”
Paul McAuley--”Something Happened Here, But We’re Not Quite Sure What It Was”
David Nickle--”The Caretakers”
Laurie Penny--”Your Orisons May Be Recorded”
Carrie Vaughn--”That Game We Played During The War”
Michael Reaves--”Requiem” [Dungeons & Dragons finale]
Cornelia Funke--Pirate Girl
Krystyna Turska--The Woodcutter’s Duck
John Scalzi, Roz Kaveney, Jo Walton, Laurie Penny--“A Trump Christmas Carol”
Carrie Vaughn--”The Thing About Growing Up In Jokertown”
Aileen Fisher--Rabbits, Rabbits
Lisa McCue--Sweet Dreams
James Skofield--Detective Dinosaur
Diane Vallere--Silk Stalking
Mercer Mayer--One Monster After Another
April Pulley Sayre--Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out!
Ursula Vernon--Summer In Orcus
Diane Vallere--Pillow Stalk
Catherine McLean--”Léon Gambetta & The Battle Of The Metro”
Catherine McLean--”The Frog Girl”
Catherine McLean--”Marionette”
Catherine McLean--”Fear Not”
Judith Tarr--”I Sing Of A Maiden”

That's a lot of short stories and short books, along with some novels. Very few of them are rereads, though. What fun new things is everyone reading?
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