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Here's the 2016 portion of the newsletter I sent out this year.

2016 brought GaFilk, friends to show around town, & going to see “The Book Of Mormon” in a blizzard. Along with the too many other people this year, my bridesmaid’s mom died, so we’re both orphans now. We went to ConDFW in February, but even with Seanan McGuire & John Scalzi, I still missed my music sorely.

At the end of February, our tricolor calico, Piper, died suddenly. She was the softest & gentlest cat we’ve ever had. Bast, the two-toned tortie, came home with us. She does amazing acrobatics when ze spouse plays with her.

We missed the Spring housefilk to go to the Booth Western Art museum. Our dear friend Michael the music dealer missed the June housefilk & was gone suddenly in July, during surgery for his brain tumor. We had thought there’d be time to say farewell. We weren’t that close, but have known him over 20 years. It’s hurt more than I expected.

My bridesmaid set me to hunting books for her kindergarten class; I found lots of boxes for her, & even more for me. [She's cute when she whimpers, too. :) ]

I gave blood in July; my blood pressure was 116/86. Yet, in the fall, in the space of 2 weeks I found out I had high blood pressure, diabetes, & a lethargic thyroid--right before going to OVFF, where I had a great time, but blurry vision. Hence, home to first-time bifocals. My bridesmaid got her first ones the same month: “Bifocal twin powers activate!” With all the other freaking-out I was doing, it helps to have a friend going through the same thing. It’s been hard enough getting used to being an orphan; now I’m diabetic, etc.? The good news is, I’m responding well to meds, & the numbers are down. Still, it’s not how I’m used to thinking of myself. My eyeballs are still making pretzels. When did my feet become long-distance objects? I’m too short for this!

With all this tune-up, transition time, we’re still taking care of & enjoying each other. Ze spouse makes me lots of veggies. We still do walks, trips, outings with friends, even holiday parties. Our life is still our life.

May the joy, hope, & peace of Christmas be with you all, now & always,

filkferengi & lawyerspouse

Herewith endeth Part The Second.
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